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  • Just imagine this... You had finally gotten home or have stopped working from home. This place you see had welcomed you with open arms through any struggle you have had that day. Relax, and enjoy.
  • My Roleplay Styles

    There are various ways I roleplay. Let me give a few examples. The character name I will use is actually my OC.

    Link had just left Hyrule Castle, and was now on his way to see Revali. "Time for another journey."

    *just left the castle* Time to visit Rev! Looks like another walk!

    -thinking: Oh my... here we go again-

    Uh oh... I'm in trouble, he thought.
  • Quick thing about me

    I honestly would prefer no major swearing, it would be pretty good for the younger people. I'd like to say thank you for joining if you did, and thank every moderator dealing with my ranting. That's all from this girl!
  • About Us

    My main goal of this group is just to bring people together through these hard times. If you wish to join, I'll gladly accept! I'm the type that wants to help anyone, so if you need anything, shoot me a PM or tell me in the chat.

    From the loving founder,
    Rinny_Howler, or Rin <3