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  • A group for people excited about exercise, getting stronger, without a strong focus on weight.
  • About Us

    This group is all about healthy health goals!

    We do:
    • Share our favorite ways to work out, especially if they are fun and don't feel like working out!
    • Talk about healthy eating habits and recipes
    • Think about ways to improve our sleep hygiene
    • Follow our doctors' advice
    • Celebrate each other's health milestones

    We don't:
    • Talk negatively about ourselves or our weight. ("Wow I should quit because I put on 1lb and I'm such a fat whale why did I even bother" or "I'm so tired after I work out I suck lol")
    • We don't talk about anyone else's weight unless they VERY SPECIFICALLY invite us to, and even then we KEEP IT POSITIVE.
    • Speak positively about eating disorders
    • Endorse fad diets, "cleanses," miracle pills, or starving ourselves.
    • Put primary focus on our weight, even if we do have some weight goals.