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    Welcome to Helix Dominion! A story of several worlds colliding and being forced to cooperate with one another to defeat the looming threat that can destroy the entire universe if not handled! Think of it like what my buddy Xenoworlds is doing, but rather than a lot of pretty anime girls, you befriend video game characters (Doomguy, Dante, Marcus Fenix, etc) and recruit them to fight the evil this unknown malevolent force has summoned! Think of it as a Gacha game but you don't go into crippling debt! If you want to bring a character from a franchise of your own to join, feel free to do so! PM if you want more details or message one of the various forums!
  • Current Units

    • From the 'Tekken' series
    • From the 'Street Fighter' series
    • From the 'Resident Evil' series
    • From the 'Devil May Cry' series
    • From the 'Mortal Kombat' series
    • From the 'Dead Space' series
    • From the 'Azur Lane' series
    • From the 'Postal' series
    • From the 'Hitman' series
    • From the 'Gears of War' series
    • From the 'Doom" series
    • From the 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' series
    • From the 'Apex Legends' series
    • From the "Madness Combat" series
  • Potential Units

    • From the 'Resident Evil' series
    • From the 'Halo' series
  • Unit Messages

    "I love hanging out with my new friends! We all like to go out and shoot bad guys together! Marcus calls me 'tin can'. What a nice compliment!"-Pathfinder
  • Unit Messages

    "I would rather be in the Netherrealm then here."-Scorpion