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  • Discussion and progress reports for the maps & avatar project
  • What's This All About?

    In a nutshell, this project is to support the creation of a map editor, avatar creator, and multiplayer interactions on your custom maps in concert with live chat.

    To make that happen, there's actually quite a few different tools that need to be created. Here's a brief overview of what I know about so far:

    Style Guide for Artists
    A handbook for how official assets will be created, so that we can start making an official library, and artists who want to create their own custom pieces can get started.

    Map Editor
    Allows users to create their own environments.

    Avatar Designer
    Allows users to create representative avatars for each of their characters.

    Map Usage UX
    Once you have a map, you'll need to be able to connect it to a forum topic or inbox conversation, so that it can be used by everyone in the RP in concert with the chat.

    Custom Avatar Asset Creator
    A tool for artists to set up their artwork so that it will work correctly on various avatar bases. Hopefully will also handle a lot of recolors for you.

    Custom Map Asset Creator
    For creating new tiles, objects, and FX.

    Asset Marketplace
    For artists to share and/or sell their custom assets.