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    Multi Mundi is a small archipelago consisting of one main island and several smaller surrounding it. Sitting the very center of multiversal existence, the archipelago serves as a beloved vacation spot for travelers from all over the multiverse. Heroes and villains of all shapes, shades, and sizes can be seen here, telling stories, and building up new friendships. Home to several small settlements and a growing number of locations to explore, there's no end to the excitement that can be found across this small realm. The island's most renowned feature is the Diamond Gate Resort. Though the island allows friendly sparring contests, actual attempts to harm or maim tourists is strictly forbidden and offenders are harshly punished. Weapons are allowed all across the island, but they must always remain sheathed unless in self defense or in a consensual sparring match with another visitor, away from any buildings.


    The largest and most well known of the few settlements that call the island home. It's well known for having a peaceful air to it, and renowned for the views of the Diamond Gate Cove. It's home to the Starfish Tavern, a seafood restaurant and bar known throughout the island for its colorful, fruity drinks. Numerous docks and marinas decorate its shorelines, offering residents and tourists great fishing opportunities. This is the first city many tourists will visit.

    White River
    Sitting at the base of its namesake river, the small settlement is surrounded by rich, fertile farmland and produces much of the meat, vegetables, and fruit that's used throughout the other settlements. Famous for its rich picnic culture, many people enjoy having relaxing meals besides the shimmering water of the White River.

    Horizon Village
    Nestled deep within the Grandview Mountains, the small village is relatively isolated from the rest of the island and it's not often visited by tourists, though those that do are greeted by a thriving jewelry and pottery industry. The crafters produce some of the finest works of art found anywhere.

    Known for the rich silver mines within the city, the settlement's architectures is predominantly made from the shining silver they dig up. When the sun hits at the right angle, the entire city glistens like shining armor. Tourists regularly visit to bring home carefully created souvenirs made out of the silver the city's known for.

    Rock Harbor
    Though not as bustling as Serene, the port town sees a large number of tourists every day, however, it's not home to as many tourist attractions. Its location beneath the eastern mountains attracts thrill seekers aiming to partake in rock climbing.


    Gateway Island
    Sitting on the center of a small, southern island is a glimmering portal, it's what allows visitors to enter and leave Multi Mundi. Despite the small size of the island, this portal is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of visitors all the time and surrounding the island are a number of large ports used to bring visitors to and from the respective port cities. Despite there only being a singular portal, it's capable of perfectly sending visitors back to the world they came from without error, however users cannot use the portal again for a full 48 hours after initial use.

    Diamond Gate Resort
    The largest of the two major resorts, it's renowned across the multiverse for hosting multiversal class food, service, and drinks. The resort takes up space on both sides of the entrance to the Diamond Gate Cove. Both parts of the resort are connected by a beautifully constructed bridge that seems to be primarily composed of various colored diamonds that brilliantly sparkle beneath the morning and evening sun.

    Temple of Stories
    An ancient, sprawling temple filled with hundreds of walls detailing the lengthy history of the realm.

    Crossroad Brewery
    The largest brewery on the islands, sitting at the crossroads of the five settlements. It produces many of the ales, beers, and wines sold across the realm and it's regularly visited by tourists.

    Mundi Theater
    No stay at a resort would be complete with partaking in some of the culture of the islands. This gorgeously constructed theater has a number of stages used for all sorts of productions, many of them inspired by some of the realm's most fascinating visitors.

    Grandview Tower
    The highest point of the archipelago, when standing at the very top, you're able to see every point of the realm. It's a popular spot for honeymooners.

    Applewood Farms
    A sprawling orchard that grows hundreds of apple varieties. Though many are sold fresh, just as many of them are used for all sorts desserts, dishes, drinks, and fragrances.

    Shimmermist Island
    These small islands are covered in dense forests, very little sunlight creeps beneath the trees, despite that, the islands are always brightly lit thanks to a unique flower found across them. Known as the Gloomlights, these flowers glow in a variety of colors. Tourists often try to take home these flowers, but find that maintenance of these rare plants are exceptionally difficult.

    Moonlight Resort
    Much like the Shimmering islands, this densely forest coastline is home to one of the other major resorts and is the only place outside of those islands that have the Gloomlights. The owners of the resort are believed to be the only ones who have unlocked the secrets of properly growing and caring for the flowers. The resort is home to a small theater, ballroom, and ice skating rink.

    Sky Haven Peak
    A tall, ice covered mountain that seemingly serves as a natural lighthouse. It shimmers beautifully, even at night thanks to the lights bouncing off it.

    Golden Shores
    Beneath the water is a large deposit of rare yellow sapphires, during the brightest part of the day, the water shines in a gorgeous golden color. Despite the demand for jewelry made from them, excavation and mining of the gemstones is highly illegal. It's a popular honeymoon spot.

    Redwood Forest
    Another densely forested island home to incredibly tall, thick trees. Many of these trees are well over 100 feet tall and their leaves come in a variety of colors.

    Roselyn Castle
    This ancient castle was once home to the royal family that later founded Multi Mundi, though today. Tourism of the castle is heavily regulated.

    Oceanic Library
    A large library that hosts all kinds of literature from all over the multiverse. The library itself is built beneath the waves, granting visitors access to a gorgeous aquarium of sorts. They're always looking for donations from visitors to build their collection and regularly offer great rewards for particularly intriguing books.