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  • If you like the great outdoors or feel like you need a connection to nature, this campground is sure to fulfill your desires whatever they may be.
  • Setting

    As the name would suggest, this campsite is holds the magic of time of an Indian summer where the fall colors are in peak. When the weather is not too cold and not too warm, the crisp air and the warm sun make this a perfect place to set up camp. Whether your style is tenting, using campers or staying in cabins. This campsite caters to all styles. With electric and non electric sites to pick from. Even in Forever Fall you will have stormy days and overcast skies, but it’ll never snow and will never be too hot.

    On the campsite there is also a lodging cabin where campers can go and get any meal they wish no matter the time of day, breakfast, lunch and dinner is always being served. In the lodging cabin there are rooms that are also available. A pub where you can stay to yourself or potentially meet some new friends. The pub is always family friendly and all ages are welcome. In the pub is also various arcade games for adults and kids. A couple old fashioned dart boards secured to the walls on the first and second floor of the lodge and a few pool tables, ping pong, and even hockey tables for whichever game you find satisfying.

    Take a hike through the trails in the Forever Fall woods, where you might find some cool sites or just to be with nature on a peaceful trail. Read the signs of each trail so you are aware of what each one may contain. The animals you run into or the people you encounter will be random, but the paths you take all have marker points and key parts to the trail.

    Amber Trails
    As peaceful as this trail sounds, this is also the easiest one for all ages of hikers and those that take this path. During this hike you will come across At the end of this trail you'll find a serene lake, warm enough to swim in or dip your toes in.
    If you diverge from this path and want to take the path, it is not advisable for children as this will be more treacherous with stone steps and steep inclines but at the top is a gorgeous view of the gorge and waterfall that leads to the bottom of Amber Trails

    Woodland Wandering
    “Not all who wander are lost.” If true nature is what you seek and the chance for animal sightings then this trail is for you, take the trail on your own or pair up with a guide that can help with the creatures hidden in the forest. Forever Fall is a magic site, so what you find on your trail may not be expected.

    Leafy Labyrinth
    This path speaks for itself with the risk of getting lost in fall foliage, you may get the feeling of wandering in circles as you travel this path. If you feel truly lost, fear not as you can follow the bright scarves that lead back to camp. They are reflective so even if you are out till dusk, they'll shine. But don't forget your flashlight!

    Whispering Woods
    This is the most difficult trail and recommended for expert hikers. While a path is visible, overgrowth is to be expected and climbing gear will be needed for the rock wall on this path. But those who are committed to the path will find a secret that sits deep within the forest.

    A kids playground is in walking distance of the campsite with slides, swings, and a magical bounce house that is always inflated. Near the kids playground is a kiosk that is always conveniently staffed with the option of pergolas or tables in the sun for parents or guardians to rest at while the children are playing.