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Featured IC Groups

  • ONCE

    IC group with 8 members

    Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke Roleplay

  • GSM Roleplay

    IC group with 318 members

  • Interdimensional RP

    IC group with 6 members

  • Xenoverse United

    IC group with 5 members

    World Building and Chatting- a group for world builders, it doesn't matter if you're experienced or not, since we welcome people with different levels of experience

  • Transformers

    IC group with 3 members

    One shall stand,one shall fall

  • The Cosmos

    IC group with 126 members

    Scifi Furcadian Dream

  • JLUniversity

    IC group with 18 members

    JLUniversity is a superhero roleplay set in an AU Marvel and DC Universe. We welcome players of all skill levels with the goal of helping them improve while they play. Come join us today!

  • Alfheim

    IC group with 8 members

    Elven Homeworld

  • Clearwater High

    IC group with 12 members

    Home of the Clearwater Dolphins

  • The Seven Storms rp

    IC group with 3 members

Featured OOC Groups

  • The Furcadian Marketplace

    OOC group with 119 members

    A place to buy, swap and sell anything related to the MMO furcada

  • Here For You

    OOC group with 189 members

    A social hub for people who seek comfort and support, and to support others

  • Recipe Guild

    OOC group with 37 members

    We love to cook and bake and spread the joys of wonderful foods!

  • Hang Out

    OOC group with 5 members

    A social hub for anybody who's bored, or wants to make friends. Discuss anything and everything!

  • Secret agents group

    OOC group with 11 members

    Where agents can get missions and trained can train

  • Carpe Asinum

    OOC group with 32 members

    For all those from HiH, I invite you to this gathering place. Or rather, group, really.

  • The Template Jam

    OOC group with 135 members

    Beautifying RPR one profile at a time with Premium Templates & free BBCode!

  • The Yarn Stash

    OOC group with 26 members

    Knitting and crocheting - A group for knitters and crocheters to share their works, patterns and advice. Beginners welcome!

  • NaNoWriMo

    OOC group with 37 members

    An unofficial group for those insane enough to try to write 50000 words in 30 days

  • Sports Lovers of the RPR

    OOC group with 4 members

    This group is dedicated to the sports fans of the RPR

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