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Featured IC Groups

  • GSM Roleplay

    IC group with 309 members

  • Sky Institute

    IC group with 101 members

    A life of Magic High Schools and the Competition

  • Riverview Apartments

    IC group with 24 members

    Set in New Versailles

  • Genexis

    IC group with 20 members

    Gifted with supernatural powers, Jupiter Rose ensured that his descendants would never lack the strength to change the future.

  • The Hundar

    IC group with 2 members

    Information about the Jotunhundar and Eldhundar

  • Dragon Quest IX and Monsters

    IC group with 4 members

    Sentinals of the Starry Skies and Monsters Joker 2

  • Legend of the Crystals

    IC group with 13 members

    The Final Fantasy Roleplay

  • Pokemon A Midwestern Journey

    IC group with 10 members

    Trainers from all over looking to become the very best.

  • Remnant -The World of RWBY-

    IC group with 21 members

    Remnant will serve as a place to collect all RWBY roleplayers (OC or otherwise) and keep them in touch, and let's hope find some interesting roleplays.

  • High school

    IC group with 43 members

    Have fun

Featured OOC Groups

  • Furcadia Patch Alliance

    OOC group with 1 members

    For creators of virtual content for the MMORPG Furcadia.

  • Here For You

    OOC group with 118 members

    A social hub for people who seek comfort and support pertaining mental conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

  • Midnight Moons

    OOC group with 9 members

    ﴾Friendly Warning! This club/bar (chatroom) is in the shady part of town and can be host of or give shelter to various creatures of the dark, so enter on your own risk!﴿

  • The Glass Symposium

    OOC group with 9 members

    OOC threads for RPs created by Iltheyn

  • NaNoWriMo

    OOC group with 36 members

    An unofficial group for those insane enough to try to write 50000 words in 30 days

  • Recipe Guild

    OOC group with 22 members

    We love to cook and bake and spread the joys of wonderful foods!

  • The RPR Anime Club

    OOC group with 4 members

    For The Love of Anime

  • RPG Refugees

    OOC group with 12 members

    This is a place for all former members of RPG to meet and/or reconnect

  • The Template Jam

    OOC group with 87 members

    Beautifying RPR one profile at a time with Premium Templates & free BBCode!

  • LGBTQ Community

    OOC group with 48 members

    For everyone who wants a safe place to talk and make friends, no matter who you are.

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