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Featured IC Groups

  • Wild West Compendium

    IC group with 18 members

    A treasury of all characters with a Wild West theme.

  • Interdimensional RP

    IC group with 11 members

    In the vast Dimensional Rift, teams of good and evil recruit super beings from everywhere to battle each other to claim ownership of the entire Rift, while Neutral heroes help both sides.

  • The Twilight Gallery

    IC group with 1 members

    A collection of the worlds, works, and writing. Enjoyed by their makers, the players and the patrons who admire them.

  • Cost of Morality

    IC group with 2 members

  • The Cosmos

    IC group with 135 members

    Scifi Furcadian Dream

  • Fantasy High

    IC group with 22 members

    A place were fantasy characters can go to school and have fun

  • Super hero high

    IC group with 6 members

    a place where Superheros can meet others Superheros and learn to control there powers

  • A school for a monster

    IC group with 9 members

    (( not the tv show)) a place were monsters can go to school and learn the ways of a monster

  • The world of Sal'taron

    IC group with 2 members

    Embrak in adventures, in a world of magic, progressive science and mysteries of times gone

  • Echoes of the Past

    IC group with 5 members

Featured OOC Groups

  • Here For You

    OOC group with 195 members

    A social hub for people who seek comfort and support, and to support others

  • The Furcadian Marketplace

    OOC group with 132 members

    A place to buy, swap and sell anything related to the MMO furcada

  • Let's Just Talk

    OOC group with 43 members

    Let's just talk. That's it, just talk.

  • LGBTQ Community

    OOC group with 165 members

    For everyone who wants a safe place to talk and make friends, no matter who you are.

  • Secret agents group

    OOC group with 10 members

    Where agents can get missions and trained can train

  • The Dead Galaxy

    OOC group with 1 members

  • Recipe Guild

    OOC group with 39 members

    We love to cook and bake and spread the joys of wonderful foods!

  • Dragon Age Roleplayers

    OOC group with 1 members

    A mostly OOC area for DA roleplayers to connect.

  • Carpe Asinum

    OOC group with 33 members

    For all those from HiH, I invite you to this gathering place. Or rather, group, really.

  • Hang Out

    OOC group with 9 members

    A social hub for anybody who's bored, or wants to make friends. Discuss anything and everything!

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