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Found 103 results for the keyword "RL":

  • Alfheim

    IC group with 47 members

    Elven Homeworld

  • The Otherworldly Academy

    IC group with 1 members

    A mystical academy welcoming any and all students with arcane abilities

  • Harry Potter Roleplay

    IC group with 4 members

    Join us in this roleplay set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  • Wild West Compendium

    IC group with 47 members

    A treasury of characters with a Wild West theme.

  • Here For You

    OOC group with 212 members

    A social hub for people who seek comfort and support, and to support others

    Matching tags: rl

  • LGBTQ Community

    OOC group with 190 members

    For everyone who wants a safe place to talk and make friends, no matter who you are.

    Matching tags: rl

  • Loreblood

    IC group with 12 members

    Belief, Truth, Loyalty

  • Dhachaigh

    IC group with 3 members

    A Celtic inspired fantasy world!

  • Gensokyo

    IC group with 2 members

    the eastern wonderland, home to everything touhou related

  • The world of Magic

    IC group with 8 members

    Have Fun & Adventure

  • Gods of Thy Unknown

    IC group with 13 members

    Meet strong heroes on a quest to save the world from demons

  • Klurst

    IC group with 28 members

    The Canon group for the world of Klurst.

  • The DEVIANT Revenge

    IC group with 10 members

    A dark force rises, a team is formed by a powerful being, and a world needs to be saved. With the help of the Elemental Masters, you and 9 others can save the world you love and be well rewarded!

  • The Zen Garden

    IC group with 1 members

    A world made in a witches couldron.

  • Salvatore Boarding school

    IC group with 1 members

    The supernatural world

  • The World of Majoria RP

    IC group with 8 members

    A world rich in culture and history.

  • Monsters Of The World

    IC group with 1 members

    We Will Bring Order

  • The Big Geek

    OOC group with 5 members

    A place where nerds can geek out together over any and everything

  • Agreter

    IC group with 3 members

    The world ever repeats itself, heroes of many timelines coming together for a grand destiny.

  • Get Shot Into Next Millennia

    IC group with 1 members

    A cyber-noir universe of mismatched pasts and futures, detective work, ghosts, and lasers intertwining into a fabulous yet chaotic world few can thrive in.

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