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Found 15 results for the keyword "academy":

  • The Otherworldly Academy

    IC group with 1 members

    A mystical academy welcoming any and all students with arcane abilities

  • Nightmare Academy for Supers

    IC group with 7 members

    Need a school to help you discover your powers and abilities? Look no further than Nightmare's Academy for Supers!

  • Freedom Academy

    IC group with 28 members

    A school for all races, players decides their actions.

  • Mutant Academy

    IC group with 2 members

  • Royal Academy

    IC group with 3 members

    A story about a student joining a Royal school!

  • WADB

    IC group with 12 members

    Woodside Academy for the Differently Bodied. A school for Shapeshifters.

  • New York City Ballet

    IC group with 2 members

    A roleplay based around the New York City Ballet...

    Matching tags: academy

  • A N O N Y M O U S

    IC group with 4 members

    We accept all.

    Matching tags: academy

  • Westerfield Academy

    IC group with 17 members

    A seemingly normal school..with supernatural students mixed in.

  • Bayville - X-Men RP

    IC group with 23 members

    An X-Men roleplay group set in a modern time period. Located in the Imaginarium. furc://bayville:xmenrp

    Matching tags: academy

  • Stardust Academy RP

    IC group with 12 members

  • Valacari Academy

    IC group with 4 members

  • Decifurn Demon Academy- RP

    IC group with 1 members

    A demon-human academy designed to control the demon and human populus from killing eachother in the year 2061.

  • Lunar Rose Academy

    IC group with 1 members

    An academy seeking to help teach tomorrow's trainers.

  • Prorine Academy of Wizardry

    IC group with 1 members

    A school of magic and drama.