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Found 49 results for the keyword "school":

  • Clearwater High

    IC group with 9 members

    Home of the Clearwater Dolphins

  • JLUniversity

    IC group with 19 members

    JLUniversity is a superhero roleplay set in an AU Marvel and DC Universe. We welcome players of all skill levels with the goal of helping them improve while they play. Come join us today!

    Matching tags: school

  • The Oakwater School Of Magic

    IC group with 28 members

    A modern fantasy school where anything is possible, as long as you follow the rules.

    Matching tags: school

  • The Synchronization Project

    IC group with 33 members

    An alternate, more advanced Earth where everything revolves around something called sync energy, which everyone possesses. Everybody is sorted into different squads based on abilities.

    Matching tags: school

  • World of Stories

    IC group with 20 members

    A world filled with monsters, machines, and mystery.

    Matching tags: school

  • Angels and Hybrids

    IC group with 14 members

    I want to create a flock. The plot is simple. Most of us were made in a laboratory nicknamed the school. We are on the run. The rp will start off in the school. An escape will take place.

  • Anomalists

    IC group with 11 members

    A delicately balanced world on the verge of tipping into chaos.

    Matching tags: school

  • Sky Institute

    IC group with 84 members

    A life of Magic High Schools and the Competition

  • Rosewood High

    IC group with 1 members

    This is an highschool just like all the overs..Or is it?

  • Royal Academy

    IC group with 2 members

    A story about a student joining a Royal school!

  • Manhattan

    IC group with 1 members

    The world is attacked by monsters and people daily! but school and jobs are also a part of your life! Will you be able to juggle life and the life of a super hero? (You can also be a normal human)

  • Riverdale

    IC group with 1 members

    Anyone interested in the show of Riverdale feel free to join. Preferably with characters from the show.

  • High school

    IC group with 54 members

    Have fun

  • Forgotten School

    IC group with 3 members

    A school where people with magical abilites have been forgotten by the world and here will become the greatest...

  • Ruby High School

    IC group with 4 members

    All Anthros Welcome!

  • Elven High

    IC group with 3 members

    This Group Is An Elf Highschool Roleplay.

  • High school for all

    IC group with 6 members

    "Like A Boss!!!!"

  • Terifa School of Mages

    IC group with 9 members

    a world for mages of all kinds

    Matching tags: school

  • School for the Gifted

    IC group with 2 members

    This is for the people who have gifted abilities.. so please do join....

  • A Love Story

    IC group with 7 members

    Can you find true love in 30 days?

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