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Found 8 results for the keyword "science fiction":

  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy

    OOC group with 3 members

    An ooc group to discuss old science fiction and fantasy films, tv shows and books from the 70's - 2000's.

  • Aeromore

    IC group with 10 members

    Travel to a world of Innovation and Invention. But beware: not everything works like a finely tuned machine...

    Matching tags: science fiction

  • Two Kingdoms of the Raging Sea

    IC group with 2 members

    Magic and Science Fiction, 2 different Kingdoms

  • The Land of Nowhere

    IC group with 1 members

    People from all times, eras, and worlds can get lost. When they do, they find themselves in Nowhere.

    Matching tags: science fiction

  • Full Metal alchemist

    IC group with 1 members

    Science fiction and fantasy

  • Ginger's hexxis

    IC group with 1 members

    Fantasy,science fiction

  • The Wonderful 101

    IC group with 2 members

    A band of over 100 heroes, defending the Earth from evil.

    Matching tags: science fiction

  • Legends

    IC group with 4 members

    You control the Hero, You control the Champion, You will be the Legend

    Matching tags: science fiction