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Found 4 results for the keyword "strict continuity":

  • The Synchronization Project

    IC group with 33 members

    An alternate, more advanced Earth where everything revolves around something called sync energy, which everyone possesses. Everybody is sorted into different squads based on abilities.

    Matching tags: strict continuity

  • Sessions Worlds and Stuff

    IC group with 36 members

    Homestuck based rp, open to a wider reality where all possibilities are open to explenation

  • Kala Ree

    IC group with 31 members

    The lush Kala Ree Basin is home to all sorts of fantastic beasts and wondrous magics. But the denizens there will need to be vigilant to keep their precious homeland safe from outside intrusions...

    Matching tags: strict continuity

  • Just a Dinner Party

    IC group with 9 members

    A Clue-themed murder mystery

    Matching tags: strict continuity