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Found 5 results for the keyword "super powers":

  • JLUniversity

    IC group with 20 members

    JLUniversity is a superhero roleplay set in an AU Marvel and DC Universe. We welcome players of all skill levels with the goal of helping them improve while they play. Come join us today!

    Matching tags: super powers

  • A place for a monster

    IC group with 9 members

    A place for monster characters to meet an play

    Matching tags: super powers

  • Star Wars club

    IC group with 2 members

    A group for Star Wars fans to Roleplay and socialize

    Matching tags: super powers

  • Westerfield Academy

    IC group with 21 members

    A seemingly normal school..with supernatural students mixed in.

    Matching tags: super powers

  • Reversed World

    IC group with 6 members

    In world where super powers are common, but being regular human is nearly a crime, a rebellion is brewing, to bring a sense of equality. Which side will you take, and why?