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  • "Our moto mostly consists of not getting



    The ANONYMOUS accepts all, from the lowest of low-lives, to the highest of snobs. everyone gets a place here, the ANONMOUS is "Home".
    The ANONYMOUS members do not fight unless provoked
    The ANONYMOUS doesn't mess with the government
    The ANONYMOUS is orderly freedom, they make you feel like you are under no one even though you are.
    The ANONYMOUS is a bond, it will and always will come back together.

    We are an alliance of three gangs, the Blue Sunset, White light, and Neon.
    Though it has been declared that ANONYMOUS is officially one gang and the same, the members still treat it as an alliance, separating into three groups.
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    Posted By Anonymous Founders (played anonymously) on Sep 7th 2015



  • We Accept All.