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    Low Technology
    Fantasy Setting

    This Group takes place in The Golden Tether.
  • Introduction

    "Greetings!" he spoke to everyone, waiting for their reply and attention to snap to him. "Welcome to the Golden Hammer. It is a business, founded by myself and Colas." gesturing to the dwarf. "We all know smiths of the isles hardly get any recognition thus far, and yet we are the ones who provide gear necessary to defeat your enemies!"

    Acaeus smiling at them as he waited for a response. Once he found their eyes were all focusing on him? Acaeus would continue on without blushing at all. "So Colas and I came up with a plan to rectify this. I created this because of not only, the lack of participation of buying wares and keeping up with them. But as well, it helps The Golden Tether. Which is why it is called the Golden Hammer." pausing to let his words sink in, Acaeus would continue. "The Golden Hammer represents hard work, dedication, and timely services. We ensure quality work as well as timely. We also ensure same pricing throughout the board for mundane items, and a variety of crafting of Greek and other sections of the world. I have come to realize, after all, that certain smiths can only craft certain things. Getting a corporation gathered to craft all for the Golden Tether ensures its safety and less black marketing chances to arise."

    "Which is why Colas and I are sporting our wares. But they are not made without the helping hand of the miners, of the smelters who make ore into something usable, something craftable. Our supplies would run thin, thus why I though it necessary to have others join our cause, and to call it the Golden Hammer seemed only fitting as it is the Golden Tether who allows us to sport our business in its halls daily. So without further adue..."

    "Shall I start you on the tour? Membership of application to the Golden Hammer, of course, is available here. Enchanters are also needed, anything to do with weapons and protection and crafting of such items, please don't hesitate to sign up. This is a big huddle together in attempt to protect the Golden Tether."
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