An Introduction

  • The Story so Far

    It happened so suddenly. A bright flash from space....


    A city destroyed.....


    Then they came....Portals of all shapes and sizes began to open up.

    It was strange, the day that the monsters showed up. The came in all sorts of sizes. Some as small as human beings, others as large as the buildings man's hands had built. Alas it didn't matter. They brought destruction. Magic and other supernatural forces were brought into the world. Some say this was the tearing of the veil, others say this was the curtain pulled back by God himself. The flames of wrath have come.

    There was utter chaos. Cities were under siege. Monsters fought each other. Strange creatures were hunted down by humans and vice versa. It was a turbulent time.




    The United Earth Federation continues to do its best to help humans survive and live along side the chaos. Magic, technology, anything that can help is used. Its just a constant uphill battle. The monsters seem to be waging war against one another now. This is the Final Hour, the End of Days....
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