• UEF

    The United Earth Federation is the combined government of all the Earth's major players. It was formed in desperation to fight the Kaiju Menace.

    The federation is lead by a council where each nation has a seat though there is a Federation Governor who oversees everything and has final say. The UEF uses magic and technology to try and stop the kaiju. While there are some Kaiju considered allies or at least neutral they still pose a threat due to collateral damage. There are two thought camps in the UEF. Those who want to destroy all of the Kaiju and those who wish to peacefully send the Kaiju elsewhere. Certain magical races and creatures are also allied with the UEF in hopes to save their new home after the Veil was torn.
  • Kaiju Classes

    There are 5 classes of Kaiju.

    Class 0 - These are Kaiju that are no bigger than humans. The danger is that there are many of these and they can act like a ground force. Weak to small arms.

    Class 1 - These rank from human size to larger animal size such as an elephant. They are dangerous on their own but still work in packs just like their smaller brethren. Weak to Small arms. Heavy arms are more effective.

    Class 2 - These are closer to the size of large dinosaurs. They are more loners than their smaller counter parts. Small arms hurt them but are near-ineffective at killing. Large arms, magic, and explosives are the go to weaknesses for these creatures.

    Class 3: These are the Kaiju you know and love. Largeest of all the other Kaiju they rank from the Class 2 size to some being as large as a small city. They are able to single hardly take on cities. Heavy Artillery, heavy explosives, advanced magic, and nuclear weapons are effective at harming these creatures.

    Class 4: Class 4 are no different in size than Class three but are in their own class for the sole reason that human weapons and magic do not harm them. It seems that only Class 3 or higher Kaiju attacks do anything to these creatures thus far. They are rare though and there are only 5 known in existence. Four of them are of the Abyss Faction while the last is considered a Natural.
  • Kaiju - Abyss

    These are the Kaiju that crave nothing but destruction and chaos. While to most it seems they just destroy without prejudice there have been times where these Kaiju have been seen working together and attacking strategic targets. Though its hard to say why or how. There may be some force controlling these Kaiju.
  • Kaiju - Natural

    These Kaiju seem to only attack other Kaiju. Either over territory or some have even taken on guardianship of mankind. Or at least they seem to. They tend to go out of their way to attack those members of the Abyss and are otherwise neutral towards humanity unless provoked first. Their biggest threat is that they still cause collateral damage though without these Kaiju its safe to say humanity might be extinct.
  • Other

    This faction is really not so much a faction as it is the umbrella for the others. These factions are usually mercenary groups, terrorist cells, and other creatures that have no allegiance or motive aside from their own survival.

    OOC note, if your Other Faction gains enough support they will be added as their own standalone faction.