• Time: Around 10 o'Clock in the morning.
    Weather: Cloudy
    School Rank: 24th
    School Status/Condition: High-end Low
    Student Council Meeting: 7:00 PM

    Top 5 Schools

    1. Magic Institute of Technology
    2. Laplace Institute of Technology
    3. Watson Institute of Magitech
    4. Stonewall Magic Academy
    5. Royal Williams

    Place with probable event IC for the Day

    1. Japanese Shrine
    2. Underground Mall
    3. None at the moment

    Setting: Modern Day. Trinity Island. A man-made island only created several years ago by scientist Yuzu Kelly and Ryuuya Ruse. The island was devoted to develop an area specifically for studying magic and their various of forms. Many types of schools are located on the island. The school where the rp took place would be a small and new one, located south of the island. With their existence, a city sprouted on the island, booming with business and entertainment. At the center of the island was a large sporting arena. The north of the island housed Magic Technology Institute, the one responsible for making the island. Technology is more of a boom. Virtual ads, self-driving cars, and all the sorts you can imagine. Majority of the population are not magic users/supernaturals. As a result, magic users/supernaturals have been cited to look down upon the weakling humans of the population. However, the recent development of magitech and liquid magic that powers the equipment have been thinning the threshold little by little between the two.

    Liquid Magic:Liquid magic is volatile. Typically in a gas state but to find liquid magic is to dig deeper into the ground or to draw it from the air with a special machine. Unrefined, natural form, are explosive. A simple touch of anti-magic will make it refine, into a stable form that the general public tend to use. Their prices are extraordinary, place at where a simple person cannot buy. Liquid magic somewhat follows a periodic table of its own and is related to science a bit. Liquid magic itself can power magitech. Liquid magic can be injected into the human for a magic rush(applicable to magic users only. Non-magic users will suffer lethal side effects).

    Magitech:A magitech is a complicated computer that is used to cast magic without an external source but itself. The process of making magitech requires three professions. An engineer, a computer programmer, and a magitech programmer. The engineer and the computer programmer makes the computer. The magitech programmer programs the machine in a special language to reads and writes magic language. The magic language was obtained by sampling a huge variety of magic by converting and encrypting magic into a computer language form. This was only done by Yuzu and Ryu with their special abilities, which this came to magitech. Magitech programming is more tedious than programming a computer language. A slightest error will cause a side effect to the user who channels their magic into the magitech or causes the magitech itself to malfunction. Worse case scenario would cause the equipment to explode.

    Any person can wield magitech, however, it goes according to a phrase of "the glove will not fit every hand". Since the magitech equipment is calibrated to the user's stats, it may be inefficient to wield someone else's magitech equipment. It's extremely rare for a programmer to make a new magic due to programming. The magic programming part is only to stabilize and calibrate the magitech to the user. It is more due to the fact that there are numerous of variables that play into creating a new magic spell. If there are complicated series/sequences of spells the magic user needed to cast, it is easier for magitech equipment to take over that part instead of the user. Cause it would be using the processing power of computer than the human mind.

    In short, magitech is only a mean to cast magic. The cast time is shorter than a natural cast. If programmed correctly, it is more efficient. A magitech equipment can only contain a number amount of spells. Spells that are open to the public can be accessed however spells that are unique to the magic user or cannot be obtained by database but by self must obtain a sample of their own magic and program that magic from there.

    What's the Island Like: There was a few ways going in and out of the island. The city itself is somewhat a resort to the students. Everyday workers and clerks can be found around the city but not too many. Most of the resources are diverted to research and entertainment at the students leisure, however, there is still a considerable amount of businesses and companies on the island.

    What are the schools like: Many schools on the island study different types of aspects related to magic. For example, Stonewall study magic from books, runes, at will magic, and the such, while Laplace Institute researches technology related to magic or magitech. The basis of Magitech is found by having a computer analyze magic through sensitive machines. Computing these analysis into information allows researcher to know what makes magic tick. Magitech in short is using special programming machines and special computers to create and use magic. For example, computerized gauntlets or guns to use magic. Acceptance rate for the schools are considered low but varies from one and another.

    Rank system is enforced in all schools and depends on how "powerful" you are. Since the ranking system has its own flaws, students may not be "judged" correctly. Students in Sky Institute nicknamed their ranking Celestial and Norm. The high ranks get more "privileges" in a way and often look down the lower ranks. Bullying and others are somewhat common. The rank will show on the uniform.

    Club activites are common on both school grounds. Each has their own student body/student council, depending on which school you go to. Each enforces their own rules. Though what's in common in both schools is somewhat encouragement to rival with the other school in means of official duels, tournaments, research, or the such.

    Dueling System: How this works is the rank emblem will glow and analyze the person's capabilities, endurance, strength, and other variables. Calculating with these variables it will pop up a magic shield that covers the entire body. In this fight, whatever damage taken will be dealt against the shield. The shield does transfer the pain to the user. If the shield is down, the person lose. It is possible to not use the shield in combat if one wishes to not to.