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  • The Fire Department has been dedicated to serving the community since 19xx. Our mission statement has remained the same regardless of the changing climate in fire fighting and prevention;

    "The FD will respond to any and all emergency situations in the city of __ and will dedicate ourselves to the protection of life and property. We will strive to educate the community on fire prevention and safety and will work tirelessly to ensure no loss of life to either civilian or fire personnel."
    Chief __
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    Being a Firefighter is a job like no other. The bond between members is strong and unwavering. It means joining a family, working and living together for 24 hrs every third day, ready to respond to calls in a moment’s notice. Members of the Fire Department respond to many different types of calls and situations.
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    The FD responds to fires of all sizes, from small-scale burns to massive building fires all across the city.

    Medical Emergencies
    The FD responds in tandem with EMS to a wide variety of medical emergencies, including (but not limited to) automobile accidents, cardiac arrest, building collapse, and gas leaks.

    Public Assistance
    The Department responds to many non-fire related calls, including disaster management/rescue, downed power lines, the presence or odor of smoke or natural gas, or animal issues.