• Long ago after the great peace of 2038, we prospered. Rooted in the grounds of a rich and vibrant unity we grew from the hilltops of kings. High, high into the air, we seized, our reach, it seemed, was limitless. To no end did our sciences reveal, without hardship, the solutions to life's greatest troubles and concerns, yet we still wanted more.

    Where old age withered and rotted our bones and sinew, machines could continue on. life, indefinite, it seemed could not be real life at all. So we built machines of great intellect. Their minds evolved overtime until they began to design themselves new bodies. Melded from our factories, their forms became numerous until they overwhelmed and destroyed us.

    How could we have foreseen the limitless potential of the simplest things? Human's had conquered the world. The boundless diseases and hardships had been fought and won, but they had become more than anything we had ever faced. Stealing everything we had ever built until our mountainous cities had withered away into kingdoms of rust.

    500 years have passed.

    Now, humanity holds out within the overgrown city of Neo-Earth. Our people are few, but the hunters and warriors who have risen to fight these metal terrors have been given weapons, left by our ancestors.


    You arrive for the voluntary admission tryouts of the Human Revolution. Support humanity by fending off the machines and protecting your fellow citizens.