Chiron-U Lore

  • School Life

    How do students stay in contact with family?
    Chiron Island is free floating and makes rotational trips around the world, so your character's home port is likely to come up every now and then. They also, if they have the resources, can take air or sea transportation home.

    There are teleporters on board Chiron Island, but currently they require the school to be stationary, ie. at a port in order for them to be used safely, and connect to pre-established landing areas elsewhere. Currently the available teleportation ports are New York City, Gotham, Tokyo, Seattle and London. These teleporters are kept under tight security and a teacher must be present on both sides in order for students to use them.

    While not in the physical presence of family, students can still communicate with them the old fashioned way through phone calls, emails, and in some special cases utilize technology from the school to create 3-Dimensional holograms of loved ones.

    What about holidays/vacations?
    Students have the option of returning home for the holidays and summer. However, they may also elect to remain, if they wish, and the school will provide celebratory activities and decorations for these times. School also continues during the summer, should students wish, with the option of reduced classes.

    Safety and Security

    What happens during bad storms at sea?
    Chiron is built with top of the line technology that protect the island from bad weather and other dangerous events in many ways.

    Gyroscopic Stabilizers
    The island's Gyroscopic Stabilizers help it stay upright in the event of rough weather, large waves, or much more rarely, a direct attack. They can hold their own against tremendous forces, and though they may not protect from damages, the school is unlikely to ever capsize.

    Solar Array and Thermal Energy Converters
    The Solar Array on the tops of both residential wings and the bridge help power both the school's normal needs and it's defenses in case of attack. The Oceanianic Thermal Energy Converters help power it from beneath.

    Force Field Generators
    Force Field Generators located above and below the school help protect it from the worst of storms, and to a limited degree, direct attacks, though the generators aren't powerful enough to defend against anything but the equal force of a powerful hurricane or tidal wave.

    What about secret identities and costumes?
    Students and teachers both are required to disclose their real identities and medical records to both the heads of staff and the medical team, both for safety and security reasons. However, real identities may be kept from the rest of the school if that is the individual's wish, and costumes may be worn or not worn to what ever degree the individual deems fit. Those wishing to maintain their identity are qualified for a personal dorm without a room-mate.

    School Facts

    What is the name of the University?
    The name of the game is JLUniversity, to signify it's connection to the JLUniverse here! The school itself is called Chiron University In Character.

    Where is Chiron University located?
    Chiron University is a floating city, built on a complicated bit of technology shaped like a lilly pad. It's location changes from place to place on occasion as it drifts around the world's oceans. Sometimes it's closer to land, enabling Port Excursions to different countries and sometimes it's further out to sea.

    How big is Chiron University?
    Chiron University is big enough to have it's own zip code! It's big enough to hold four small, salt water rivers crossing over it's deck, an outdoor recreation center, training area, relaxation gardens, a small marina, a large pool, and all of the islands residential and academic buildings. That's pretty big! Chiron also extends beneath the waves, with the atrium and a marine forest being located on the first sub-level, and a submarine bay, the school's farms, various labs, holding cells, and quarantine areas being located on the second sub-level.

    Does the school have a mascot? How about school colors?
    The school's colors are blue and gold, and their mascot is a centaur in the same colors.

    Where do the school's food and supplies come from?
    Chiron grows some of it's supplies on the island itself, in the farms beneath the school. It also harvests fish and sea vegetables from it's marine forest. Other supplies are shipped in or collected when the school makes port.

    How the School Works

    What are the entry requirements, and how does a character become a student?
    Students are required to have the gifts it takes to be a superhero, be that some kind of powers, unique skill, or similar abilities that set them apart from the rest. The rest is determination. Students can find information for the school readily online and in information sources about powers and supers. They then apply online and if accepted, board next time the school comes to a nearby port, travel to one of the ports it's heading towards, or find sea transportation to the school.

    Students under 18 years of age must receive permission from a guardian in order to attend the school, though minors with no known guardians may instead be taken into the school's care in their stead.

    How do you become a teacher?
    ICly, teachers are characters who have already had a lot of experience under their belts being a hero. They've been out on plenty of missions and have proved themselves to be strong examples of the school's values. They also need to be good at teaching, because not every hero makes a good teacher.

    You may apply for a teacher character only if you have made it into the AP Student Group. Since placing requires a first character, it is unlikely that a teacher will be your first. The only exception is if you are bringing over a character from JLUnited.

    What country is the school part of? Does it answer to a government?
    The school follows the laws of the waters it enters, but most of the time it floats in international waters and doesn't answer to any one government. It is, however, partnered with the U.S. based S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, and many of it's agents help teach or do demonstrations on Chiron. Likewise, many of it's residents and teachers are citizens of the United States, so most US laws are observed.

    How long do students attend? Do they get a degree?
    Chiron students get certified in the skills taught in the classes they attend. Underage students will eventually get the equivalent of the grades they attend, such as a high-school diploma. However, students are meant to take classes at Chiron for as long as they feel they wish to attend and improve, whether that's a year or a lifetime. There are no degrees, but those who have shown excellence in certain areas may receive other merits.

    Will my character get expelled if they break the rules?
    Expulsion is a last resort with Chiron University. After all, these are individuals with some pretty incredible and dangerous abilities sometimes, and who out there is better equipped to deal with them. Any activity that would result in expulsion would honestly probably result in jail time too.

    However, in conditions of extreme behavior, your character may notice that they wish they had been expelled instead. This is not, however, an excuse to have your character derail things by breaking as many rules as they can.

    How do character dorms work?
    Unless specifically requested otherwise, most characters at the school can be assumed to have their own room. Sometimes teachers may place students they need a little extra help in with a room-mate, but this is rare, and will be done through in character plotting.

    Each age group has a different wing, with underage students in the Artemis wing, Adults in the Perseus Wing and AP Students and Teachers in the Andromeda Wing. Wings and rooms both are secured with key cards. Only those staying in the respective wing may enter into their wing. Teachers have the ability to enter all Wings and Rooms.

    Each room in the Artemis Wing (characters under 18) will have a bed, a dresser, a desk and chair, a bookshelf and a nightstand for each person, though in the cases of four person rooms there will be two bunk beds and the addition of a closet. There will be enough room for all of this and some extra in each room.

    Rooms in the Perseus and Andromeda Wings will never be more than two to a room, and will include the same furniture as the Artemis wing (but bigger, obviously).

    In all cases students are allowed to purchase and bring their own furniture and decorations from home.