Location Information

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    Chiron University

    Chiron University is built in lilly pad like design that floats atop the water. Most of it's residential units and classrooms extend upwards in the buildings above the water, while it's labs, holding cells, and atrium extend down below it.

    The middling part is known as The Deck and serves as both the island's marina and it's source of fresh water. Four rivers draw ocean water from the outside of the island to the center holding tank, where powerful water purifiers developed by Rand Industries makes it drinkable, providing enough water for the island without having to draw from outside sources. An outdoor recreation and training area, as well as several relaxation gardens can also be found on this level, complete with a large pool in the center.

    The Bridge

    From the Deck you first reach The Bridge. The Bridge is Chiron Island's main hub. The island's lobby is located here, and is the brain of the island, providing information and direction to those coming or going from the teleporters or the marina. On the same floor is the island's cafe, which provides various food and drink for visitors and the island's residents-- some of which is even grown on the island.

    The lobby contains free standing computer labs for both student and guest use, visiting areas with tables and chairs, and information centers for those curious about Chiron University and it's hero program. The information desk is always staffed with Chiron employees able to answer questions or direct students and guests alike to where they need to go. Guest passes are also given out here, which are key cards similar to what students and teachers get, but with much more restriction.
    The Artemis Wing

    The Artemis Wing is on the second level and holds the dorms and common rooms for students of Chiron University under 18. Only teachers and Artemis Students or their direct family members are allowed into these dorms. Most students can expect their own rooms, but may occasionally have room-mates if teachers deem it beneficial.

    The common room has it's own television, book room, and meditation area, as well as board games and several video games for student use during free hours. A small training dojo has been set to the side, but only provides blunted weapons for practicing. The Artemis wing looks out directly onto the center of the island.

    The Perseus Wing

    The Perseus Wing is opposite the Artemis Wing, and like the Artemis Wing, only allows students of the correct age level in-- in this case, students over 18. The Perseus Wing also has both single and shared rooms, but most rooms for students will be singles unless there are special circumstances or a teacher deems it beneficial for both parties.

    Like the Artemis Wing, the Perseus Wing has it's own common room shared between the Perseus Students. The Perseus commons have a television and reading area like the Artemis Wing, but also more adult amenities like a coffee and tea bar and a meditation area. A small training dojo has been set to the side, but only provides blunted weapons for practicing.

    Most of the Perseus Wing looks outwards to sea.

    The Study Lounge & Hazard Sim

    The Study Lounge is shared between the two wings, and is a wide, brightly lit space with plenty of places to sit and study in peace and quiet. On one end is the school's library, which has access to thousands of both physical books and digital information-- movies, music, articles, and even some 3-Dimensional experiences.

    On the other end are free standing computer labs, like are seen in the lobby downstairs, meant solely for student use. The computer labs are sound proof and the glass can be dimmed out to block out outside distractions.

    Students can also reach the Hazard Simulators from here. However, some students may not have access to it for their own safety, or may only have access to the programs they have already been trained in.

    The Hazard simulator itself starts off as a large, empty white room. However, state of the art hard light technology and advanced AI allow to room to project nearly any environment and scenario as if it were real-- which is why it's so tightly controlled. A poorly run program could become a danger to anyone in the Sim very quickly.

    Student Dojos

    All Wings have at least one student Dojo attached to them. The level of gear within depends on the student age group. The Artemis Wing will have realistic practice weapons made both of polypropylene and wood. The Perseus Wing has these and the addition of weapons made from unsharpened carbon steel. Both wings have practice dummies and and holograms to fight, but also encourage sparring with fellow students. Students are not allowed to use their own weapons outside of a classroom.

    The AP Dojo provides all of these, but AP students are also welcome to use their own weapons in practice, provided they are used in a safe and responsible manner. Breaching of this rule will likely result in the student being barred from the AP Dojo and required to practice in one of the others until they have learned to use their abilities and weapons responsibly.

    The Andromeda Wing

    The Andromeda Wing is on the third level up and belongs to both the school's Teachers and the Advanced Placement Students. These students have shown exemplary talent and a sense of responsibility, and have been given extra merits for this, as well as the extra room and supplies they need to succeed. The AP Levels are restricted to those who have not reached AP skill level yet, though AP Students may venture to other levels if they like, and are encouraged to help other students succeed in a similar way.

    Each teacher and student is given a room to themselves, though in some cases both elect to share with another, such as in the case of spouses or siblings not yet ready to live on their own. Each dorm has the furniture included in the other dorms, as well as a small kitchen attached.

    The Common Room has similar amenities to the Perseus Wing's commons, with the addition of a Ready Room to prepare for away 400_teacher_commons_by_krepta_draconis-dcm1qpg.pngmissions. The Andromeda Wing looks out onto both the open ocean and the rest of the island, being at the top of the residential building.

    Mentor Recreation Center

    The Mentor Rec Center lays within the same floor as the Andromeda Wing and holds a multiple array of things for Teachers to do. AP Students share the floor with Teachers but are barred from this particular room to give the teachers somewhere to relax on their own without students underfoot.

    The Rec Center has a reading and meditation area, Foosball and Air Hockey tables, a large television, and it's own well stocked kitchen to utilize, and has a beautiful, sweeping view of the ocean beyond or whatever land they happen to be stopped near.

    Of course, just because it's supposed to be out of students bounds, doesn't mean they don't sneak in for a round of late night Foosball on occasion anyhow.

    The Atrium

    Moving below to the sub decks, you have The Atrium, a wide expanse of space covered mostly in grass that acts as a park for the residents of Chiron. You can find walking paths, trees, gardens, even a small duck pond (and it's ducks) here. At the far end is a stable that houses some of the companion animals for Chiron's residents-- those unable to be kept in a dorm or those belonging to student too young to properly care for them themselves.

    Looking out of the large, thick windows, one can see directly out into the ocean, and a platform above allows students to observe the marine garden between the two levels. The garden acts as a shelter for many kinds of marine life as Chiron drifts through the seas, and makes for easy harvest of both flora and fauna for various uses.

    Sub Level Two

    Take the elevator down another level and you'll reach Sub Level two. Unlike the platform above it, Sub Level 2 is comprised of a central hub, acting as a Submersible Docking Bay, that branches out into four separate spheres. Take the tunnels to the first two spheres and you'll find the farms that help feed the school-- one a Subtropic Biodome, and the other a Temperate Biodome. The third sphere holds both the island's Containment Cells and it's Quarantine Center. The fourth sphere acts as a Laboratory to monitor passing marine life.

    Classrooms and Other Areas

    Chiron University also has a variety of Classrooms, it's marina, and large covered pool at the center of the island. There are vehicles stowed near the marina, both for land exploration and air of varying sizes and purposes. Vehicles not belonging to the school are allowed to dock only with prior school permission, such as relatives visiting or a scheduled tour of the ground, and typically civilians are not allowed to merely come and go as they please.

    The Classrooms and Sickbay are in separate buildings from the residential areas, both to allow for ample space, and for the safety of the residents. Both are located on the opposite side of the island from the Residential Buildings and can be reached through the many paths through the gardens or one of the covered walkways when it's raining.

    The Building holding the classrooms holds the Training Dojos and Hazard Simulators on the first floor, as well as the areas for Vehicle Specialization classes, which dips down into a sub floor that has it's own small driving track. Academic Classes and the Debate Rooms are held on the second floor, and the magically protected classrooms meant for Arcane Studies are held on the top floor.

    The main Sickbay Building is located next to the Academic Building. The bottom floor is typically for emergency situations and surgery, while the above floor is for less serious injuries and recovery. The top floor is staffed mostly by the school's psychologists and Psychic Injury specialists. The main Sickbay Building is also connected to the Quarantine areas beneath the school in case of emergency.

    The residential building also has it's own smaller sickbay for situations where for some reason someone cannot reach the larger building, usually staffed with only one or two individuals at a time. They are mostly meant to treat smaller wounds and stabilize patients until they can reach the main Sickbay.