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  • If you would like to redeem your points, PM Krepta following the directions of the task in question, or a link for proof that you completed it. Your points will be tracked by staff at the bottom of the page.

    If you would like to purchase an item with your points, you may pm Krepta in a similar manner following the directions of the item you wish to purchase.
  • Ways to Earn Points

    Typo Hunt - (Worth 15 Points per Error)
    Any typos or similar errors that you spot should be sent Krepta's way. Thank you!

    Signal Boost - (Worth 30 Points)
    Take a screen shot of one of our buttons or banners on your account or signature on another site that you frequent (RPG-Directory, Deviant Art, etc.) and we'll give you some points for each banner! You can find a banner here to use, or feel free to make one of your own!

    Battle Practice -(Worth 20 Points)
    Sign up for and take part of any non-writing or roleplay improvement class not run by an NPC. This can be redeemed for as many classes as your characters take. Read more about signing up for classes here.

    Extra Credit -(Worth 100 Points)
    Sign up for and take part of a Writing or Roleplay Improvement Class. This can be redeemed for as many classes as you take. Read more about signing up for classes here.

    Lots of Character - (Worth 15 Points)
    You can redeem this every time you make a character sheet, and again for your first roleplay post with that character. Don't forget to take a screen shot or copy and paste your post to show proof of your character's first post! Character sheets aren't required but we like to see them!

    Pass in Your Homework -(Worth 30 Points)
    Complete a homework assignment your character's teacher assigned them, of if it's not a written assignment, write a one shot about your character doing their homework. Post it here!
    Recruitment! -(Worth 100 Points)
    Tell your friends about JLUniversity! For every new player that joins and gets their sample approved, you can cash in.

    Teacher, Teacher -(Worth 50 Points)
    Apply for and successfully run a class. This can be redeemed for as many classes as you run. Read more about hosting classes here.

    Working Hard -(Worth 100 Points)
    Apply for and successfully run a writing or roleplay improvement class. This can be redeemed for as many classes as you run. Read more about hosting classes here. Remember that you may only host writing classes for Students below your current Student Level.

    Review Us! -(Worth 50 Points)
    Leave a review for JLUniversity on our spot on Disboard! You can find our server ad here, and reviews are below it.

    Character Question Night -(Worth 10 Points)
    Answer at least three questions during character question night. This may be redeemed each Character Question night, for each character who answers at least three questions. In order to redeem this, please copy and paste the three questions and answers and PM them to Krepta.
  • OOC Store!

    3d_by_krepta_draconis-dc47lw3.pngInter-dimensional Token - (300 Points)
    You may create one character per token from another universe outside of JLU's accepted fandoms, as long as the fandom you're drawing from fits in with JLU's genre. No Scooby-Doo's or ponies. Both canons and OCs are acceptable. Please contact Krepta with your idea before you attempt to app it. This item is only available to AP Level Players.

    spider_by_krepta_draconis-dcnangk.pngRadioactive Spider - (30 Points)
    This random event will permanently mutate one of your character's abilities. You may gain a new power, a weakness, or both. The effects may be positive or negative, or even just weird! Any changes done with this random event must be done through plot, so use this cautiously!

    summertime_by_krepta_draconis-dcnanhc.pngHey Mr. Sunshine - (10 Points)
    This random event is summer themed! Using it will activate one summer themed event of the storyteller's choosing in whatever roleplay you are currently engaged in.

    showers_by_krepta_draconis-dcnanfs.pngWeatherman - (10 Points)
    This random event changes the weather in whatever room you're playing in. The intensity of the weather change, as well as the type of weather is rolled by Storytellers.
    clone_by_krepta_draconis-dc47lv4.pngGender-Bender Token - (300 Points)
    You may create one canon per token as a different gender than their original canon. Keep in mind that the original, vanilla version of your canon will remain open for other players to play. Please remember that just because a character's gender has been changed, that it doesn't mean they should be played wildly out of character. Respect your canons!

    tech_by_krepta_draconis-dcnanhr.pngTech Upgrade - (100 Points)
    You may select one piece of tech, be it a weapon, suit, or defensive device for Chiron University to upgrade. Your character will receive a piece of technology designed for them by the school's greatest minds, custom fitted for them alone.

    splicer_by_krepta_draconis-dcnanh7.pngSplicing - (50 Points)
    Splicing, the act of marrying a individual's DNA to that of an animal's, is less popular than it once was, but plenty of people still utilize it for both cosmetic means and to give themselves the abilities of these animals. Splice your character with this event! It's like getting a tattoo but you shed more and also maybe now you're part dog and allergic to chocolate. What could go wrong?

    You choose the animal, and Storytellers choose the nature of the mutation at random. Keep in mind that this is a permanent change and shouldn't be done lightly. Changes will have to be removed again through plot.

    port_by_krepta_draconis-dcnflnz.pngCaptain's Chair - (200 Points)
    Pick the next Port of Call! Where will Chiron U go next? Please keep in mind when making your requests that Chiron Island is an ocean going vessel and cannot, save for under special circumstances (such as large rivers that connect to the ocean), go anywhere inland. You're welcome to pick a specific location, or if you'd like, merely a country and staff will pick the port for you. The school will remain there for about a month.
  • IC Store!

    Some of Chiron University's staff have gotten together to create some fun and interesting spells, trinkets, gadgets, and other little things that might be useful to the student body. Some of these things are nothing but fun illusions and will vanish by the end of the day, while others may be small companions or school approved pets that can remain with your character forever.

    Please be sure to follow the instructions and respect the limits of the items sold here. If you have some kind of technology or pet bought here, it's up to you to add them to your character's app sheet after you have gotten the details for them.

    phoenix_by_krepta_draconis-dcnane0.pngPhoenix Feather - (10 Points)
    Once activated, a small, glowing animal will follow your character around for the day. This animal is an illusion and cannot interact physically with the world, but it acts and sounds just like the real animal. This item can also be hidden on someone's person once activated to cause the animal to follow them around as a prank as well. The animal vanishes at the end of the day. The animal and color of the glow are decided by Storytellers.

    token_by_krepta_draconis-dcnani4.pngTalk Token - (20 Points)
    Putting one of these under your tongue and speaking the name or alias of an individual will make your voice sound like theirs for the rest of the day. Talk Tokens are bespelled so that if they are used to attempt to bypass voice security or break rules they will change the user's voice to sound like Mickey Mouse's. Use wisely!

    bigbug_by_krepta_draconis-dcnas7k.pngThe Big Bug - (70 Points)
    Like the smaller bug bots, this is a piece of translation technology. The beetle shaped bot, which is about the size of an iphone and comes in a range of colors, will cling to a wearers clothing until needed. When activated, the wings open to reveal an interface programmed with over a thousand known languages. If held over or up to a piece of writing it will translate that writing into a selected language, and if spoken into, it will translate speech similarly.

    Languages not in the database can be picked up using complicated AI by leaving the device in hearing range of the desired language for a minimum of two days. Translation errors may occur with the minimum time span, and longer is recommended if possible.
    glowgreen_by_krepta_draconis-dcnanay.pngGlow Worms - (10 Points)
    These little strings of magic look like worms and taste like lime. If eaten, they will make the individual glow a random color for the next 24 hours. Great for pranks or halloween! Eating three in a row will cause the individual to strobe random colors for the day instead.

    bugbots_by_krepta_draconis-dcnas11.pngBugged - (40 Points)
    These tiny, beetle shaped bots come in a range of colors, and cling to one's earlobes like earrings. They translate any nearby languages to a language that the wearer understands, and while they can't help the wearer speak or write the language, they can help them take one step closer to communicating more clearly.

    com_by_krepta_draconis-dcnaszx.pngChiron U Commlink - (200 Points)
    This tiny, but powerful bit of technology is shaped like a small flip phone. Once opened, the technology inside unfolds a hard light keyboard and viewing screen, effectively giving the owner a tiny, portable super computer. It is capable of accessing any public database in the world as well as Chiron U's own, preforming environmental, DNA, and chemical analysis, face and voice matches, GPS, remote tracking, and even a certain level of computer assisted hacking (not applicable to Chiron U's technology, obviously). The phone works as a regular phone as well, and comes in a range of colors and styles.

    fish_by_krepta_draconis-dcnatqy.pngTaste Tabs - (15 Points)
    These little tabs are about the size of a mentos each and dissolve quickly when in contact with food or drink. The appearance and smell of the food or drink doesn't change, but the taste will change drastically, morphing into which ever tab was put in. Tabs come three to a pack, one in garlic, one in sardine, and one in dog food.