• With the Eyeless a memory and the Howlers a shadow of what they once were, the sunny streets of Karnaca are on the brink of war with nearly every gang in the city looking to become the new kingpins on the streets. The City Watch is cracking down and the recently cripple Abby of the Everyman is looking earn back its respect with witches and anyone midly intersted in the occult have been placed before firing squads of hung from city bridges by the dozens. What’s more a shadowy gang calling themselves the Court of Crows laying claim to territory left and right and killing anyone that crosses them in gruesome, ritualistic fashion. Doesn’t help that people are disappearing off the streets either. Caught in the middle of all this is the Lockeheart Gang, a group of misfits looking to make enough coin to drown their sorrows at the nearest pub. These sneak thieves call the outskirts of Karnaca home and look to use their assortment of occult artifacts and charms to make some real coin.

    So who will you toss your lot in with? Will you side with the rehabilitated Duke of Serkonos and wipe the streets clean of those preying the fear of the citizens or will you look to the tenets of the Everyman, help purge the city of the strangers looking to lead people away from the light? Will you unleash your bloodlust and depravity, joining the Court of Crows and aiding in their twisted plans? Or will you join the Lockeheart Gang and make as much coin as you can earn? Choose your side and let’s hope the Void doesn’t swallow you whole.

    (As it says this will be long term, as long as we can make it. This is a steampunk crime drama with a twist of fantasy, the occult and a dash of lovecraftian horror all set in the world of Dishonored.