• London, Enland 1930
    A thriving city spreading outwards and downwards. Capital of an Empire on which the sun never sets. There might be storm clouds forming all over Europe, but that's no concern to the shadow folk for the Raven's court stirs
  • Mortal Government

    King - George V (06/05/1910 –)
    Prime Minister - Ramsay MacDonald (5 June 1929 –)
    Governing Party - Labour
  • The Umberial Court

    The Barons
    Philip Christopherson - Vampire
    Helios - Mage

    Jonathon Tate - Vampire
    Simon Lyle - Vampire
    Iris - Mage
    Arcee - Mage
  • Gun laws

    1920 fire arms act
    • Need a licence to buy guns and ammo
    • Licence lasts three years and needs to be got from the police
    • need to show good reason, self-defence is acceptable (until 1937)
    • specified not only the weapon but the amount of ammunition the holder could buy or possess
    • Smooth bore firearms excluded.
    • Minimum age to by 14
  • Did You Know?