• The geography of Aetoria is very similar to that of Earth, although the major continents have different names and many real-life locations have different names (some based on the real-world locations' past names or monikers).

    Aetoria is based on a post-apocalyptic world long past our present time; according to lore, after a war of the nations caused the apocalypse, the gods remade the world into half its size and gave the world's inhabitants magic. However, some of the remnants from the old world remained, which now appear as ruins of skyscrapers, cars, and other modern-day sights overgrown with vegetation.

    Some time after the Fall, it became possible for adventurers to renovate the ruins into habitable builds, although many of the amenities of the electrical age are no longer present. Electricity, for example, does not exist in this world, and everything is run on magic.