• This is all a work in progress, it will get better, trust me
    - EnderTNT123456

    Welcome one and all to the Interdimensional RP, we are happy to have you! ~Ender

    If you have been accepted, congratulations! If not, look over what you put and see what you can fix. To start, put a message in the "Your Start" forum under "Roleplays" and please let us know who you'll be with by saying (H) for Mr. Hansen's Chosen, (V) for Overlord's Warriors, and (N) for Nightmare's Black Ops Corps. After that, head on over to the respective RP labeled with what you said and start there. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and want to, look at the "You Need To Know" page and choose a faction. Then, fill out an application which me and Ender will check out when we get to it. Hope to see you in one of the Roleplays! ~TNS
  • Did You Know?

    Nightmare has an odd ability to adapt to his surroundings.
  • Character of the Month

    This is to honor one awesome character that we've seen in the roleplays. If you have a nomination, feel free to send me or Ender a DM about who it is and why you're nominating them. Peace out! -TNS
    12/18- Lazari-Not IEPFB
    1/19- Rinket
  • Player of the Month

    This is to honor an amazing player that's been super helpful to the chat and kept the roleplay rolling by suggesting awesome ideas and being completely respectful. Send me or Ender the name of anyone you think should be given this great honor! ~TNS
    12/18- StereotypeAgain
    1/19- TheYodelingBear
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  • Founder's Note

    EnderTNT123456 is not RP in large groups as of now, privet message him if wanting to RP separately
  • Vice Founder's Note

    Votes for the Character and Player of the Month are live! Send a message to either me or Ender with who you think deserves this high honor! Just remember, follow the rules and all will be good!