Mission one

Posted By Starwarsfan on Dec 13th 2018

Okay agents I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while by I have your first assignment there have been rumors that is video makes everything look weird for a very seconds I need you to wTch it and report in the comments below what happened you all will soon get a pm of your badges thx for being so patient
Commander Zeta


Community Feedback

  1. Galaxy-Star

    December 13th 2018


    The illusions are confusing and I have psychology to thank for making understand why they happen
  2. Kungfu6453

    December 13th 2018


    Um...how it a test?
  3. Starwarsfan

    December 13th 2018


    Lol it's for fun it's a test
  4. Kungfu6453

    December 13th 2018


    I don’t understand the point