• Glae

    A planet found in a distant dimension, one you’re not even quite sure existed. How or why you ended up here, is a mystery to most. Perhaps you were born here, perhaps you woke up with no prior memories? Either way, you’re now trapped within the war of the millennium.
    In the beginning, before the continent Glaedreon was born, there was the planet Glae, surfaced in a shroud of black mist. Lying in wait beneath this mist, was nothing but inhabitable land; desolate and bare, with no sign of life. It would’ve remained this way, if not for the Phoeni. The Phoeni, made of the galaxy themselves, shot down onto Glae, piercing through the darkness and creating sustainable conditions for life.
    The Phoeni who shot farther down into the planet’s core, heated the planet, creating warmth for future biotic lifeforms. The Phoeni who shed their tears for not being able to reach the core, filled the land with oceans, lakes and rivers. The Phoeni who could not bare to stay within the wake of the decrepit pity of the ocean, flew to the center and created the glaciers and snow peaks, thus freezing their watery wings.
    The Phoeni carried such a strong accumulation of magic, that a new creature was born. The Dragons, born from the residue of the Phoeni magic, came to form the lands, the trees, the flowers, even the weathering patterns.
    The Dragons’ magic grew so different from that of the Phoeni, ranging through the elements. Growing so powerful that eventually the Phoeni became wary of their own creation. The Phoeni moved to their own desolate parts of the continent, keeping to themselves whilst the Dragons began to fight over the new lands for their own dominance. Thirteen clans, thirteen species of dragon were created, outweighing the seven (if not more to be found) species of Phoeni.
    When the land had been divided up among the regions, new species began to form from the residue of unused magic. Humans, a mistake the Dragons claim to be theirs, began to build civilizations within the Dragon clans. With each century, the Humans began to become more sentient, more advanced and more cultured. Together, they came to call the single continent of Glae, Glaedreon.

    Thousands of years pass, the land changing with time, but never the hierarchy. Well… not until the terror of Elric the Eradicator comes about. An Umbrae, hailing from the desert regions, seeks to take over the planet of Glae. Pillaging, plundering, and raping women of any species, has branded him the name of the Black Dragon. His ambition, to take over the world with his own army of minions and loyal bastard children.
    The thirteen clan leaders, fearful of their own kind falling victim to Elric’s cunning words, now lock themselves away in their regions. No one is allowed into the regions, and no one is allowed out. The Phoeni, remain completely neutral, while the Humans are left to defend themselves.
    But a few citizens of Glaedreon have decided to take a stand against this evil. The Reistance. Followers of good and everything righteous, led by the Cantae, Vivace, have encouraged many to take arms against Elric the Eradicator. Though it may seem futile, there is still hope, as Vivace houses the bastard children of Elric, who wish to take a stand against their unrighteous Father. Along with any Humans or Phoeni that wish to bring peace to the world of Glaedreon as well.
    But there is also the Neutral Alliance, The Order of the Phoeni, protected by the Phoeni. The face of this alliance is none other than Thaddeus, a known child of Elric. Though he has no wish to affiliate with the war, the Phoeni house leaders have taken him in as their own kin. Any and all are welcome into the open wings of the Phoeni.
    Whatever alliance you choose, whatever path you take, it is all up to you. The fate of Glae could be in your hands.
    What will you do?