The Setting

  • Everybody's dead Dave

    There's a lot to take in so I'll go over the basics here.

    The setting is this galaxy, many many years into the future, in a time where every single star in the galaxy has died. Those species now living in the galaxy know of no other time that existed, for them, the stars have always been a mere myth, gigantic balls of fire that might have once hung in the sky holding systems together. Now massive metal structures known as cores hold systems together. No one knows who exactly built them, however, they are linked to a presumed dead Precursor race.

    The same structures, however, are usually heavily guarded by vast swarms of stellar entities which float about, destroying all ships which enter a certain area around these artifacts.

    Yet despite the conditions life still goes on and thrives in this seemingly dead galaxy, growing stronger by the year. Nations grow and form, more of the old warplanes are mapped out and yet in the shadows the threat from a force known only as the Revenants lurks.

    These machines combine together to form their own ships and structures, appearing from wormholes at seemingly random locations all over the galaxy and yet no one has ever been able to trace where they come from. Who or what they are remains a mystery.

    The Races of Dead Galaxy

    The Tri-Abol, insectoid creatures that have bio-modified and synthed themselves to such a degree they are seen as an entire planets worth of species within one.

    The Taren: A race of crystalline beings which are able to absorb heat energy around them to produce a form of biological energy they use to help power their machinery. They are practically unable to use bio-modding and cybernetics due to their nature and as such are seen as a biological fascination.

    The Stratori - A genetics obsessed sorta space octopus race, one not related to the Precursors. One of the newest on the galactic stage. Communicate through a visual language using bio-luminescent rings on their tentacles.

    The Devi - A worm-like race which parasite other creatures into doing their bidding. Very much like a highly evolved ant-colony. As such they tend to be a generally despised race by many others.

    The Tyrana - A reptilian race which procreates by budding and evolving new members for different tasks and conditions. One of the more naturally peaceful of the different galactic species.

    Ai - Their use has become so sophisticated and self-aware that many consider AI’s their own separate distinct but widely varied race.

    Kig-Yar - A four legged large avian like creature, small and hunched but with a great muscle mass that makes them easily one of the strongest races. One of the oldest races

    Creatas - Six legged crustacean type creatures which are self-evolved from the many species which roamed the galaxy created by humanity. The claim to the oldest race is most easily argued by them and when full can warp small distances.

    Simar - Squat humanoid figures with excessively long arms, practically fungal in nature, they communicate through spores and are adapted for the dense forests of their homeland, prefer to planet hop than to live in space, however, are one of the most advanced at terraforming.

    Humanity - Seen almost as a curiosity race by the other species of the galaxy this race only numbers fifty million. Practically extinct on a galactic scale the odd human can be spotted hanging around some ports or dockyards, merely hoping to pass through undisturbed.

    The Space Entities

    a sort of blue quartz-like crystal creature that's vaguely translucent with a faintly glowing set of internal bag like organs. It sorta just flaps through space in small but extremely beautiful swarms of them on wings which vaguely resemble those of a sea dragon. They live in clusters around asteroids. Their bio-mechanical mouths latch onto rocks and harvest them in tiny amounts for minerals to keep their biomechanical crystalline body functioning

    The second design is effectively the Portuguese man-o-war which glows a brilliant green to lure in its prey. These creatures are only really found in pairs sailing slowly through asteroid swarms, bouncing from asteroid to asteroid. These things are actually semi-sentient however and able to direct themselves towards the quartz-like creatures which they catch and place inside a sack like thing under their main body to ingest the minerals, the only natural predator of the first species and rarely leaves the asteroid swarms, not territorial in the slightest and has little care for attacking bigger species

    A set of two, the first being a hard spore-like creature which floats through space, propelled by its "birth" fungi where it latched onto to ruined spaceships with any oxygen remaining inside without being diffused away where it begins to grow and latch on into the ship, slowly spreading out and creating more of a reddish fungi/coral which slowly seals up the gaps, creating airtight locations. Once there the spores begin releasing out the second set of lifeforms which are vaguely like a glowworm, creatures that just flutter around on the coral-sustaining themselves, but also feeding the coral as they die and reproduce. They're a nuisance for ships still operating, as they clogged air vents but 90% of the time they hit wrecks. Now they live entirely in uninhabited ships.

    Isaeri - Next up is the biggest of the bunch - The placid leviathans known as Isaeri. They look like massively scaled up versions of the Glaucus Atlanticus (cause it is) with far more of the wing-like appendages along the length of its body. These creatures emit a small bio-luminescent azure light from the length of their underbelly which is a warm friendly light for many a lost wanderer in the depths of space. However if angered this light turns a shade of orangy yellow. They only feed once every decade or so in earth years by entirely consuming an asteroid or other mineral rich substance, breaking it down over time in their gigantic bio-mechanical bellies.

    Hoppers- The "hoppers" - large armored and entirely pacifistic stellar entities which look roughly like slightly larger turtles floating through space, their armored ant-like head which features four eyes glows softly with bio-luminescent lights. These creatures feed on natural gasses to produce their own propulsion fuel to push them through space. Their body features four semi-omnidirectional thrusters instead of flippers. Not territorial in the slightest these creatures have the ability to warp from system to system using an inbuilt warp drive that depletes a lot of their inner fuel, as such they need to go into hibernation while travelling towards other planets

    E.M.P worm - The most feared stellar entity for spacecraft is the one nicknamed the "E.M.P worm, it's a small worm like entity with small electrical generators on the side and miniature propulsion systems on the back. It's front teeth are ridiculously sharp and circular allowing it to tunnel into ships in small holes. Once inside it clamps down on the wiring and emits a pulse of energy shutting the ship down, allowing it to eat what it needs to in peace. These creatures are highly virulent and tend to reproduce quickly, eating the husk of a ship for sustenance and materials to reproduce. If left alone can build up enough numbers to pose a threat to entire fleets, however, they have many natural predators so numbers are never too high.

    Sky Devourer - A natural predator of the "hopper" is the affectionately named sky devourer, which are gigantic translucent entities which live entirely in gas giant planets in their outer atmosphere, eating the natural gasses and eating away at the natural gasses. Their outer translucent shell is infact a bio-hazard flexible plastic exterior which adapts to their environments and uniquely allows them to exist within gas giants. Their backs are covered in a layer of hard ridges able to slice apart predators that attempt to attack from their flat top. (All eyes and sensory functions are on the bottom) These unlike many others are highly territorial will attack anything that approaches their favourite part of their gas clouds.

    Spines - A beast that lives high atop the food chain in the stars, they appear to be gigantic in form, almost reaching sizes equal to that of the Isaeri. The gained their name from their slender body from which juts out many wing like structures, akin to that of a human spine. Their large bulbous heads open wide to reveal massive serrated teeth or can be used to batter into ships to subdue them.

    Bottlefish - these small creatures exist with a long head which expands into a large bulbous like body. These small creatures feed on the plankton which lives spread out through space, their mouths opening up to let as many as possible in before consuming them

    The Factions of Dead Galaxy

    The Taren Imperium - The Imperium is a rising power, having risen up from the fringes of the galaxy after the retreat of Scion forces from the Taren homeworlds. Embittered by the sudden loss of stability Scion had provided the council of seven was formed and the new military dictatorship slowly took charge. Now they push out their borders through the fringes spreading order through their gigantic crystalline warships.

    The Mechanus - An advanced faction birthed from religious disagreements among the Tri-Abol. They champion the idea that the future for the species of the galaxy is to place their consciousness into robotic bodies, by force if necessary. As a result, the Mechanus is now fighting a series of wars on nearly all fronts, yet they push forwards confident in their goal of uniting the species of the galaxy together.

    Ascended Colony - The heartlands of the Stratori race. Filled with many inhospitable and desolate planets the race has taken to building colossal orbital cities known as Hives. Out of the many different factions that seek to control the Dead Galaxy the Colony is far and above the most exclusive, their ships are designed exclusively for Stratori and it is rare to find any non-Stratori within their walls.

    The Taara Pact - A coalition of small democracies and peaceful nations who are seeking to carve their own corner out in the galaxy, seeking in many ways the same thing as the Imperium, however many are seen as decedant and stuck in their old ways refusing to move on as the galaxy changes around them.

    The Iskran Empire - Another of the many empires seeking to control the Dead Galaxy, this one is ruled by the remainders of the Devi race. They are in decline currently, however, the power gap left by the retreat of Scion forces has for the time being allowed them to stabilise, yet even their fanatically loyal troops haven't been able to halt

    The Has - A ruthlessly efficient cartel that operates mostly in Iskran space, taking advantage of their weakened military to enforce their own ruling. Some say the leader of the Has isn't even organic, its a rouge AI that's decided to make its own fortune.

    Scion - A massive force that dominated large parts of the galaxy. They operated using several parts of precursor tech that they'd managed to take from an abandoned base, this tech it was later discovered to be the key to one of their starforges and with that in full production, they quickly moved to seise the advantage. Yet a schism in their high command brought a halt to their expansion as a sucsession crisis brough their mighty empire down into several warring factions which pulled troops from all parts of their empire to fight their own civil war.