Rising Star's Fame

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    This is the living chronicles of the Rising Star Macie Melody Lightfoot. Her Entourage is as follows:

    Gene Samuels- Rising Star's Agent
    Roxanne Simpson- Publicist
    T.Chen Woo- Adviser
    Joanna Barlow- Roommate/Best friend
    Pidgetta Lightfoot- Cousin
    Starflower Lightfoot- Cousin
    Sam- Bodyguard
    Eddie Valentine- Rising Star's Attorney
    Howard- Manager
    Jessie Rogers- Entourage member
    Ginger Kessler- Hair stylist
    Richie Caulfield- Food prepper.

    (To all who join... Ask about the characters in play. Or if you'd like to Role as one... Ask and i'll tell you what i can.)
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