• Setting

    After several struggles for stability as a society, under the name of U.G.C (United Galactic Colonies), Humanity finally dissolves that United banner, stained in countless breaches of human rights. Experimentation, borderline slavery, lack of quality of life or care for the individual.

    A new system is put into the works to reunite the colonies spread across the Milky Way. However, lessons haven't been learned. And, as alien species come about from the dark, Humanity has to take a side, and fall back on their old military ways. In the midst of this, a second rebellion takes place. While it's shut down quickly, the people are not sated.

    The formation of Vek marks with it, the solid establishment of the Humanitarian Enforcement System. Their job is to both keep the peace against Vek trying to cause chaos, and to defend humanity against extraterrestrial threats.

    In any of these cases, the individual, forgotten about in the expanse... they survive. In steel bubbles, burning away precious fuel, breathing limited, poorly scrubbed air, hearing the beams creak and the bulkheads groan. Any minute, a micrometeorite could slightly fracture the hull somewhere, and that would be the end of any one of millions of unheard stories, lost in the vacuum.