• Disclaimer

    Please bear in mind that this dream, universe, and RPR is under heavy construction. Any rules and lore are subject to change without notice.

    All faceclaims in the group are for portrayal/artistic purposes only and are in no way meant to represent the actual people attached to the faces.
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to MC Entertainment, a Seoul-based talent agency bringing the future of music to the here and now. Idols and trainees, among others, are placed under a strict contract in exchange for paid training and a promising career in the entertainment industry. However, some of those under contract choose not to follow the rules when nobody's looking. Despite their pristine public image, idols and trainees live colorful lives full of drama, love, and friendship just like anybody else. Join today and become the star you've always wanted to be!
  • Rules

    Before you sign with the company, you're asked to review your contract in full. Some of the details include:
    • No dating.
    • No sexual contact of any kind.
    • No harassing your fellow trainees or idols.
    • Use of illegal drugs may result in immediate termination of your contract. Alcohol is permitted if the consumer is of legal age.
    • No going to public parties, events or clubs without approval.
    • You will be practicing a total of 12 hours every day.
    • This is not an exhaustive list of the contents of your contract.

    Failure to follow these rules will be met with one warning before termination.

    Yeah, right, like anyone's gonna follow all of those rules.


    MC Entertainment will always be available on RPR, but there is also an upcoming Furcadia dream. The dream is not open to the public yet, but I will keep y'all posted.

    Please be aware of all the OOC rules before you proceed to make your character.
    • This dream only accepts members and characters age 18 and up. No exceptions.
    • Don't be a dick. Any dickish behavior should be reported to staff.
    • IC drama does not equal OOC drama, and OOC drama does not equal IC drama. We will try to keep OOC drama as minimal as possible.
    • This dream follows the consent rule.
    • WIP
    • Your character may rebel all they want, but their contract is extremely strict and they are required to follow it. Again, your character can do whatever the hell they want within the limitations of the universe, but if caught by the wrong person, breaking contract could spell the end of their career.
    • You may choose any face claim you'd like (as long as the person is 18+), but please be aware of the FCs of the characters made before yours.
    • At the same time, do not get in squabbles over someone having the same FC as you. In the end, it's just a face.
    • On the subject of faceclaims: Your character isn't his/her FC. Your character is your own character.
    • Please no instances of pedophilia or incest.
    • All characters must be human. This is subject to change as the dream develops.
    • Fictional idols only, please. In the MCE universe, the K-pop industry (while still boomin') is completely separate from the one in reality.
    • None of the stars we know and love today are permitted within the MC Entertainment universe. This includes any relationships, friendships, family members, etc. of "canon" idols.