• Blades of grass rustle in the wind, the crisp air snapping at the tip of your nose. You look out over a small, cozy clearing complete with a clear, cool stream that stretches across the left side of the clearing, before zigzagging and disappearing into the forest that surrounds this peaceful dome of serenity.
    The trees wave in the wind, almost as if they’re greeting you a warm welcome. In the very center of the field sat a young woman, her long blond hair cascading in waves down her shoulders, coming to a rest at her lower back. She was holding a rose, it’s deep red reflecting from the sun onto her face, giving her a rosy glow. Her pink lips were pulled back in a soft smile, her emerald green eyes inspecting the rose with a deep passion.
    She looks up, seeing you standing on the dew-covered grass. She said nothing at first, she just smiles at you kindly, her hair blowing in the breeze. Then she sits a little straighter, turning around to face you, but her eyes moved to the swaying trees.
    “The trees welcome you,”
    She said, her soft voice casting a peaceful aura over the grass and fauna.
    She looks up one more time at you, the smile staying on her face.
    “This meadow protects all within, I hope someday you will call this home.”

    Nature’s Children is a Fantasy-Like RP where certain creatures, humans and/or humanoids can live freely and embrace their true potential. But beware, a secret lies within it’s past, and shadows lurk around each corner, you will face many dangers on this incredible journey through life, experiencing hope, sadness, loss, joy, and serenity throughout your adventure of nature.

    Aspen Everlost -Leader
    I hope someday, this will grow larger than the trees that surround this valley. <3