Welcome Home

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    "Past the lively, busy city of Telmarion, well beyond the man-made pathways that curl and wind their way throughout the thick forests...Nope, farther still. Yes, there; there sits a not-so-little-cottage, yet no less quaint. A cool river wraps around the front of this beautiful home, and it appears as though someone has lovingly placed stones to decorate the water's sides. Maple trees sprout proudly on either side of the stone bridge that allows safe passage toward the cottage itself, the grass vibrant and full of life as flowers season the area wonderfully.

    The family is certainly kept busy as toys litter the space beyond the front door, swings tied safely enough to low-hanging branches, finger-painting transforming one wall of the home into a messy, but endearing canvas of sorts. Perhaps the location is purposeful for not only safety, but to better avoid a few upset neighbors. Dozens of little ones can be heard squealing, shouting, but mostly laughing from inside the home, as only expected of the Akuma Residence!"