• The setting will take place at the end of season three of the Netflix series. The sins have scattered yet again and are still banding together. They are preoccupied with the Ten Commandments and regrouping for the coming fight. Meanwhile, the Demon Clan has conjured up a new set of elite troops. These 5 beings have been tasked with desolating the entire planet and repopulating it with demon spawn. They can each summon untold numbers of demons ranging in power and abilities as their own minions. Just like the other powerhouse demon classes, these five must consume vast amounts of souls for energy. In a response to this threat, the Goddess race pooled all of their souls and power into one being, who is still not in a physical form. This being was able to reach out across the multiverse and collect the strongest warriors it could find. To it's surprise, one such being already resided in it's own universe and was simply in hiding, fearing his own power and true identity. With his awakening, and the other beings having been summoned, this supreme power has now gone dormant. It is up to the group she summoned, called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, to combat this overpowering threat and help defeat the Demon Clan for good.

    This story will take place globaly and not be limited to Britannia. Please be familiar with the series on Netflix before applying as it could come into play later in the story. We need two more Horsemen and a small group of supporting characters as well as our 5 high level demon lords. Feel free to dm me with any questions or suggestions.