• Our Purpose

    In the world I built, each character has something called sync energy. It's basically magic, but its unique to each person. It can assist every individual differently, perhaps with their wits, or maybe their power?

    Everyone has it to a certain degree, which is measured in two different ways.

    • The first is the energy degree, which will always range from one to one hundred, except if one pushes too hard, which will ultimately cause the user to get hurt in some way, be it mentally or physically. The other exception is if someone is damaged emotionally so badly that their energy shall disappear until someone can help them return it. This will usually be a lover or a friend. It can take years to fix this.

      Anyone with an energy degree of ten and under is considered unusual, mostly because many of these people have a hard time connecting with others and tend to keep to themselves.

    • The second way it is measured is by energy level. The energy level is infinite, and moves up as one gains experience and power. The ability to level up is influenced by the degree of the energy. The higher the energy, the easier it is for one the level up.

    Children are born every four years, when the energy is high enough for it to be done. From there, each child is sent away from their parents and put into a group of two to six children, who are raised by an esteemed member of society. This takes place in what would be America.

    From there, they are put in schooling systems, which allows each child to explore the various areas of study. When they are fourteen, children pick a school of Scholars, Combatants, or Arts. Here, they will live with a roommate, most likely someone from the group they were raised in.

    There are various kinds of people, those who can talk to and transform into a certain group of animals, warriors, scholars, artisans... all assisted by this synchronization energy.

    This world is ruled by royalty, where each country has a royal family that elects a new ruler every time the last one passes. The world is currently ruled by the tyrant Russian king, Peter Cryroch. His four sons will be brought up constantly, with his heir being a main character.

    Who are you in this alternate world?
    Extra Info:

    There is one school, but it has three schools within that one. So while everybody might be in the same grade, many of their classes are completely different. So, obviously, the combatant students won't be in something the Artist and the Scholars might share because they have the least amount of classes.
    Artists can specialize from anything-- for example, drama, painting, drawing, or even literature can be the affinity of an artist. They have more recreation time than the other two schools. They aren't very close to each other due to the cliqués that form because of the diversity of the group. Obviously, those who participate in drama tend to bring just that-- drama, into their classmate's lives.
    Scholars have the most classes but also have a decent amount of time to study a particular subject that they may enjoy. They are one of the smaller group, very close knit around each other, but notoriously grumpy around others, especially the combatants. This could because the ideal Scholar enjoys talking about real, tangible things.
    Combatants are known for their extremely loud tendencies. They often chant and clap and yell. They are the most passionate of the groups, or at least that's what the King says. They are obsessed with idealistic ideas, brotherhood being the core of it all. They are fiercely loyal to their superiors, and friendly to their classmates. They feel that if one does not get along with another, chaos will ensue. They have the busiest schedule, even with the lack of classes.

    So while students will be apart based on the smaller schools within one big school, it is not uncommon for old friends to room with each other, even if they haven't chosen the same small school. Nurturing groups are often completely random, unless one is of royalty. Than their parents will manipulate the whole thing, allowing their children to be put in a group with the children of their friends, of course. Because the royals often do not socialize with others from other groups, these little royal-ing squads are often the strongest, hence, the Royal Guard have been together and learning to fight since they were children. It makes for an impressive show. Their origin will be dove into more as the plot progresses.

    The energy is traditionally measured and recorded, and the blood of a student is taken. Many students don't know their parents, so they don't know their genetic history when it comes to abilities and what not. From there, the student is told where they would belong best. The school they choose is all up to to the student themselves.

    Often, students are paired with students who are older than they are, or even an Instructor if the administration thinks they're talented enough.