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Advertising on the RP Repository

A note to our users

Although the site will always be free to use, many people don't realize the site is not free for us to produce, maintain or host. For basic accounts, ads are our only method of recompense and reimbursement. We know ads are annoying, but they're an important part of survival for a site like this. So thanks to everyone for putting up with them and an even bigger thanks to those of you who follow an ad when it looks interesting.

How to advertise with us

Are you an artist, guild leader or gaming-related blogger looking for more exposure? Want your work to be seen by gamers interested in the same things as you are? Consider adveristing with the RP Repository for as low as a few cents a day.

Our userbase is roughly 49% female, 32% male and 17% undeclared or other. The majority are in the US, with Canada and Europe following in that order. Every member of the site has a strong interest in role play games of some variety. Other kinds of games, art, fantasy and sci-fi are also of interest to most of our users. Anthropomorphic or "furry" characters and themes are quite popular as well.

The majority of our ads are handled through Google Adwords, but you can also contact us directly to discuss alternatives.

In all ad boxes, sound, animated jiggling or flashing and fake error/system messages are prohibited. Except where noted, minimal animation is allowed in ads, although animated ads will be scrutinized carefully and may be removed if they are deemed too distracting.