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The rules are simple! Answer the question above you and then post one to keep the game going.
Please try and post good questions, don't answer a cool one just to put up a really lame and random question like "do u leik pizza" let's do interesting ones when we can.
Also, if someone answers a question without posting one, ignore them. And one more thing - if they post a really, really bad question sometimes you can ignore them just cause what heck.
So, here we go. The first question:
What is your deepest fear?
Dan Burrow (played by Skipbab)

That I will be lost in my own head forever. Everyday is a battle for control in my mind, where cartoon characters representing the good the bad and the ugly are arguing over my body with me having no control whatsoever. This is my deepest fear.

Have you been in love?
Blaire Moreno (played anonymously)

"I don't see how I could feel something that doesn't exist."
How do you feel about kids in general?
Muriel Victoire (played by RedLantern)

Blaire Moreno wrote:
"I don't see how I could feel something that doesn't exist."
How do you feel about kids in general?

"I'm alright with them, but I can't be and don't see myself be a mother soon. I feel like it's not my time, I'm not ready, and I don't even have a man, then kids are out of equation."

"How do you feel about Art or Music?"
Alexis Abu (played anonymously)

"It's enjoyable at times. I do enjoy drawing caricatures, but I don't make any music."

What is something you could talk about for hours?
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

"I love to talk about pretty much anything although traveling and funny experiences are my achille's heel"

"What is your favorite drink?"
Gwendolyn Orwell (played anonymously)

"Tea...Green tea. Lemon green tea, with a small spoonful of sugar."

How do you tend to act when angry? Not just annoyed, but when you could be justifiably angry? Are you passive agressive, emotional, vengeful...?
Dan Burrow (played by Skipbab)

"Oh where do I begin? Vodka, rum, beer, wine, cognac, liqueur, whisky, scotch. But if I have to pick a favorite, then it might be Spirytus Rektyfikowany (96% Alcohol), it also works as a great weapon. Molotovs, firebreathing, disinfection and clubs"

"Where would you go if you could go anywhere, even conceptual places like death, hope, Ireland as part of Great Britain."
Muriel Victoire (played by RedLantern)

Dan Burrow wrote:
I belive there bas been a ninja'ing happening.))
((Who who like to take thé question of Gwen, and after we could do Dan question aw?))((not playing right now gs, sry.))
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Elaine's anti ninja techniques will save the day maybe...

Gwen- "well I tend to be pretty emotional and vengeful. It doesn't matter if it's justified or not ,cause I mean I don't care if it's justified I just feel angry, still I try to be optimistic about the situation "

Dan - " I would certainly like to travel to every tavern that exist even if they are from other universes , although I also enjoy the journey "

"If you could turn into a mythological creature what would it be?"
Amberlyn Quinn (played by Kitten) Topic Starter

"A dragon, they're quite majestic. I'd love to be able to transform into one."

How do you feel about lying, and how good are you at it?
Yuan (played by JoJoApples)

"Oh...Im just terrible at lying," Yuan sighed,"Its necessary to lie at times, but there are those you shouldnt try to deceive...."

Which of the seven deadly sins is your character most like?
Zandyr Dencias (played by BreezyDawn)

Some people say "pride goeth before a fall" , but that is just for the weak. I can do anything, when the fancy suits me.

If you had to choose between living only during the day, or only during the night, what would your choice be?
Amberlyn Quinn (played by Kitten) Topic Starter

"Definitely day time. I don't spend a lot of time out at night as is."

What are you most self conscious about?
Ivy Stormborn (played by RedLantern)

"Myself, my whole self."

Well, not really explicative, but it would take hours, 'guess.

"What would like to do more in your life?"
Etta White (played anonymously)

"Eat, sleep, and romance."

"Would you ever trade your free will for anything at all?"
"No. I highly value what little freedom I have as it is."

What event in your life would make a good movie?
Ardiana Dracar (played by Bixiruni)

“Me killng my parents but i think that would be a R rated movie”
“What would you do if you found out your freind was a demon mage”
Shimakaze (played by Miwi_Sama)

Seek out Ardiana Dracar and hope we can one day RP together even if its not with Shimakaze specifically(but honestly hmm I'd still probably seek out Ardiana Dracar and we'd go on a big quest to defeat the former friend.

((Can't Think of a question apologies!))
Achille Victoire (played by RedLantern)

"Did you ever traveled the world?"

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