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Snake lingered along the coast absent-mindedly, the sand piling up before his shuffling feet. He had been here for quite some time now in this world, and there always seemed to be some sort of crisis going on that people called upon him to fix. This time around, a strange creature in the woods seemed to keep stealing crops from farms, though depictions of it varied from an enormous crab to a tiny spider. He turned to the forest on his right and headed in, leaving the sounds of the waves behind him.

The forest was cool and damp on a early summer morning, light gently sifting in through the deciduous canopy above. He was sure he was drawing nearer where he needed to go, as what could cause all the trees around him to crack and splinter as if something huge collided with them? Up ahead he heard the rusting of trees, and eagerly wandered forward to investigate-


Someone pulled him back. He had almost forgotten he had taken someone with him on this early morning trek. A strange dog like creature with a large beak and long rabbit like ears accompanied him, they were friends of a local in town and once word had spread to his rather large ears that a stranger had arrived recently he just could not help himself in coming to greet him. Almost all of his kind were like that, and he honestly wondered how his species even survived in a world full of giant spider-crabs.

"We shouldn't just go charging in there willy-nilly!"
"Well I have a weapon, don't I?"
"Yes, you even know how to use it?"
" swing it, right? With the sharp edge?"

His companions expression faltered to one of confused disappointment.

"I'm joking!" Snake waved his hand rather airily;
"Besides, its just a spider, if it goes south I brought a newspaper with me"
The animals long ears flattened and he breathed in muttering something under his breath along the lines of
"It's fifty feet tall and breaks trees...he's gonna be flattened..."

He parted the brush before him and braced himself...for nothing. There was nothing. He stood confused for a moment before suddenly from above a branch fell down almost crushing him. He gazed upwards to see an enormous spider making its way over the tree canopy and shimmying into the clearing, several smaller spiders dropped off its back and fell to the brush below, dropping at their fathers feet several ears of corn, mushrooms, watermelons, and other stolen goods.


Snakes hand flew back to his companion and closed his beak shut as he almost let out a cry of fright, from the treeline he stood there silently watching over the scene with hesitant breath until a moment presented itself to strike.
Ruvaen wasn't sure how he'd ended up in this world. He'd been traveling, walking into territories he had never visited before. When the wood elf had stopped in a town before he set out on the next leg of his journey, his long ears had picked up on whispers of the woods he was to travel through. Rumors of witchery, necromancers, and other strange goings on had not impressed Ruvaen. He had decided to go there anyway, wanting to explore. And perhaps to get away. As if he could distance himself from the mistakes of his past if he simply walked a long way.

The druid had somehow ended up in a different land, his map had not indicated any nearby ocean but he'd stumbled upon a beach anyway. Something about the air about him had changed, when he looked back different trees and brush were behind him. His heart raced as he realized that the rumors might have been right. Thinking back, he remembered his elders speaking of places deep within some of the ancient woods, places where pockets of magic manipulated space and allowed one to travel great distances or even times.

Up ahead, he saw a couple of strange creatures. One of them looked like something between a snake and a humanoid, like one of the lizardfolk. He was unsure of the other. He heard some of their conversation and paused, wondering if they might be hostile. The druid was not the best in one-on-one combat, he relied on magic and shapeshifting. Ruvaen did walk faster when he saw the spiders. He was wearing simple clothes of hide and leather armor. He'd stashed his cloak in his pack. The elf carried a staff, there was a knife at his belt as well. It looked like the snake was going to attack the spiders. "Should you be doing that?" he asked after creeping close, keeping his voice low so as not to draw undue attention.

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