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The town of Verenium was well known for the festivities around Halloween. Though the town was small, they spared no expense when it came to this holiday. The small streets were lined with jack-o-lanterns, all of which had been carved by the towns people. Candles that gave off eerie green, red, and violet light could be seen in nearly every window. The different homes were decorated with cobwebs and handmade tombstones, all of which the townspeople took pride in. The streets were littered with people wearing various costumes. Witches, werewolves, goblins, and demons could be seen wandering through the streets. Laughter could be heard floating through the air and the raised voices containing joy played like music all through the night. Yes, Verenium was well known for their love of Halloween, but no house was loved more than the house that was tucked into the hill. The infamous haunted house of Verenium.

The rolling hill that protected Verenium from onlookers also played home to the smallest house in the town. What looked like a one bedroom shack was so close to the hill that the back of the house actually disappeared into the green grass that made up the hill. The wood of the outside appeared to be rotted, some of the pieces hanging on by one nail. As the wind passed through the area these boards would creak and groan, setting wandering people running in the other direction. The wooden porch that wrapped around the house seemed even larger than the house and was littered with a many different things. An old butter churner was tucked into a corner so covered with cobwebs that it must not have been touched in a century. Tables and chairs were pushed against the side of the porch, also covered in cobwebs and the green moss that was steadily working on swallowing up the whole front of the building. The walkway up to the house is uneven and rather hard to traverse as the paving stones that were used to mark the way for the house have either sunk into the ground or the corners have rose up from the years of neglect.

Usually this house would be closed up and off limits but surprisingly today it seems extremely lively. Aside from the usual outlook of the house, fresh cobwebs can be seen hanging from the roof of the porch with real spiders still working on making the elaborate designs. Skeletons can be seen in various positions on the front lawn. A few seem to be playing jokes on one another, some have a comical expression of anguish, and others have chains wrapped around their legs that seem to disappear into the ground. Though from a distance they appear quite stoic, they will move if one moves too close. The front porch is lit up by a dozen jack-o-lanterns all carved with different faces. Some are smiling, some have horribly jagged sharp teeth, some seem to be crying, and others seem to be laughing menacingly. The flames inside of them creates little puddles of light that light the way all the way to the front door. The front door is wide open and the warm orange glow of a fire inside seems to welcome people inside. The cobwebs continue across the front door and there seems to be some kind of white twisty fog that moves across the floor of the threshold as it clings to the floor.

A table can be seen from the open front door and it is covered in treats and food There are candied apples on sticks, candy in a bowl, fruit that has been covered in chocolate, and small finger sandwiches that look to be modeled after severed fingers. There is a full sized ham sitting in the center of the table, already having been partially carved though the carving knife is still stuck into the large hunk of meat. In a bowl at the edge of the table is a bright red punch that appears to almost be bubbling. Crystal glasses sitting next to the bowl indicates that it is for guests to drink. There are small bags there for people to take treats with them if they forget their own.

Though not much was known about the occupant of the house, today she was out in full glory. Inside of the light you would find the owner of this house, Talia Thretus. Being a Drow her dark skin and her blood red eyes were already off putting to start with, but today she looked even more frightening than usual. Deciding to embrace the holiday, Talia had painted her face to resemble that of a skull and the stark white paint against her dark skin just made her eyes pop that much more. Her snow white hair was in it’s usual getup, a hurried half-up french braid cutting the straight down the middle of her head starting at her forehead. Today she was wearing a black witches dress and though she had not donned the traditional black hat, it was obvious she was dressed as a witch. She didn’t have to dress up much to be alarming though, as she used her usual skeleton accessories with this costume as well. The upside-down rib cage jutted into the air as it covered her shoulders, the vertebra bands across her biceps, and the bones of a hand that were clasped around her wrist and extended over her own hands as if she needed the extra support.

Talia was just inside the house and off to the right of the table where she was sitting on a rocking chair by the fire. Her black staff was propped against the edge of the chair which creaked with each rock that she made of it. The head of the staff, the skeleton head of a dragon holding a red gem in it’s mouth nearly glittered in the light that was cast off from the fireplace. Curled up at her feet was her lovely companion Jeffrey, her undead familiar that she just couldn’t live without. Though he was a frilled lizard the size of a dog he was as harmless as a fly and she knew he would never attack any of her guests that she was hoping to have tonight. The worst he could do was stink up the joint with his rotting flesh that was nearly falling off the bone in some places.

She rocked slowly as she stared into the fire, lifting her head up to address a presence that she had felt lingering close to her shoulder. “Shh,” she said with a soft giggle as she lifted her finger to her lips. “You have to stay hidden until the trick or treaters come. Then you can jump out and scare them. If they thought this place was haunted before, wait until they get a load of the real ghosts in this place.” She laughed happily and gave the spirit a wink as she watched it blink out of existence. Talia couldn’t help but be excited. This holiday had been made for her. This was the one time of the year where she could show off all of her personality and people would be in awe of her instead of running away in fear. She leaned down to run her fingers across Jeffrey’s back, being careful not to touch his large sail as she did so.

It was already getting so late and she hadn’t had any visitors yet. She was starting to get anxious that perhaps people were too afraid of her house. All she wanted was to see people laugh, have a good time and maybe get in a few scares here and there. The fear factor that surrounded her was just all talk anyway. She hoped a few brave souls would step up.
The Snail (played by Kim)

POOOF! A massive mushroom cloud of yellowish smoke erupted from the porch. Despite the wind, the musty-smelling smoke was slow to clear, and when it finally peeled away on the breeze the strangest creature was revealed: a garden variety snail, not quite three feet high at the top of its shell.

"HELLOO?" it gurgled, swiveling its wide, stalked eyes to and fro.
Wandering through the streets of Verenium, Azura Rosenn stepped lightly, garbed in a wizardly superhero custume. While Aoyama was her favorite, she hadn't quite been able to manage the shining belly button or the immaculately tousled blonde hair, so here she was in a wizard-with-power-gloves outfit. Oh well.
She walked up the steps of the gorgeously garbed house, 'ooh'ing at the shiny and not-so-shiny house decorations. "Amazing!" she breathed, seeing the cobwebs and glowing lights.

The smells of meat, fruit, and candy drifted out of the door. It sure smelled like a party! Azura went up to look.
Vortian (played by UltraNecroziumZ)

Four other souls would also step up closer to the house and were kinda talking amongst themselves in a manner of who was gonna go in there first

Vortian, who was wearing the Leinfors set for the magical festivities of Halloween, decided he would go first and walked inside “Cmon you guys, this ain’t bad at all!” The ranger said as he walked in and saw everything

The other three look at each other and one by one filed in. Starine would give a bit of a whistle, as this house seemed a lot more decorated then theirs back home. Impressive, so say the least

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