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Aurora pulled her hoodie furter over her head and hid from the rain as well as possible. It was coming down hard and fast and they predicted a possibility for a thunderstorm somewhere tonight but she would be safe back home by then. The only reason she was braving the storm was to go see an old movie at the oldest theater in her small town. No one actually went there anymore unless they were old movie buffs like her and tonight would probably the busiest night in the last 10 years since her professors from college had collectively given everyone the task to watch dracula there.

It would probably be some indie version since the theater might not have the license for the actual dracula movie? She didn't know, sometimes they had the actual movie and other times they had a washed down version probably because the license was too expensive and they weren't exactly bringing piles of money. But again, she didn't care. The popcorn there was the best and they had unusual snacks and candy she absolutely loved and didn't mind paying more then what they were worth.

Hopefully her classmates and the other classes would be respectfull and calm. It's not that she didn't get along with them, they regularly asked her to come out and had expressed multiple times that they would love to get to know her but she liked her alone time and space. She was what you might call a loner, even though she didn't feel alone. Her tiny appartment was super cosy, had lots of plants, reading nooks and ofcourse the best thing in the world ever. Her cat -Gigabite, Aka Giggles, Aka G, Aka homeboy-.

After hunching over for about 3 blocks to be safe from the rain, she arrived at the theater. Gerald was sitting in his little ticket cubicle. He was the sweetest, cutest old man you'd ever meet. She had been a regular and they talked every now and then. When she arrived her put on his glasses and looked at her from top to bottom. ''I knew I saw a silver blob walking towards me. The rain got ya huh kid.'' He chuckled. ''Yeah, but it's worth getting my hair wet if I get to see the most handsome man in town.'' She winked and shook her hood trying to get dry. ''Oh Alex, if that was only true. What are ya watching tonight?'' He said and looked at his little screen, squinted and looked back at her. ''Dracula. My professor has given it as an assignment so you might get a bunch of customers tonight.'' She paid, smiled at him and left him with the biggest smile. ''Well, that is wonderful news. Enjoy the movie, kid.''

Danny was inside behind the counter where you could buy snacks and already got popcorn ready with extra butter and some sugar on top because he knew thats how she liked it. ''Hey lex. Here is your usual. Anything else?'' She already had her wallet ready '' Hmm, please some caramel m&m and paprika nuts please. Oh and a Pepsi please.'' After paying up and grabbing her stuff, She proceeded to the one of three movie rooms and got cosy on the last row, middle seat. She was atleast twenty minutes early so she just enjoyed the old timey wimey music playing.
Scott Novak (played anonymously)

"I'll be home later!" Scott said loudly toward the kitchen as he reached for the front door, hoping to make his escape before he got peppered with questions. Too late.

"You're going out?" his mother asked, popping her head out of the kitchen doorway, drying her hands on a tea towel. Scott didn't often regret his decision to go to a local school. He had nothing against his parents. Nothing against the same room he'd lived in for 20 years. And certainly nothing against saving the money he would have otherwise spent on a dorm and a meal plan. But right about now he sighed internally.

"Just goin' to see a movie," he answered.

She smiled almost excitedly, glad to see her son doing something that involved other people. Dare she even hope that he had a date? "Alright, have fun," she said, waving him off with a smile that suggested she thought she knew a secret.

He pulled up his hood and headed out into the rain, hurrying out to his car - nothing special, just something reliable to get him to school every day. And tonight, to the theater. Dracula. It had been a long time since he'd seen it. But even as he bought his ticket he was contemplating what he'd write about it for the class assignment.

"Enjoy the show..." Gerald told him, waving him on. Scott muttered a quick 'thanks', wiped the drops of rain water off his glasses, then headed inside, skipping the snack counter completely.

It was more crowded inside than he'd anticipated. And several folks were still trickling in. It looked like there were a couple seats available in the second to last row, toward the middle, and he had to make his way past half a row of kids to get there. Unfortunately, a guy and a girl were coming from the opposite side with their sights set on those same two empty seats.

"Oh, ah, sorry," Scott said, pushing his glasses up a little. "You can have the ones together. I'll find somewhere else."

He looked back a row. He wouldn't normally ask to sit beside someone, but there were very few options left. "Hey, that seat taken, by chance?"
Alex Huxley (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

It took her a second to realise they were talking to her. Confused of where the voice came from she looked up and looked at this boy with a couple of people standing around him. ''Huh?'' She said and the question settled in. ''Oh! Oh yeah I'm sorry, sure. I don't mind.'' She plucked her jacket from the seat next to her and placed it on her lap. A little embarresed as to not realising so many people had come into the theater, she should've never put her jacket there, people might think she was rude. She turned red at the thought and her anxiety levels got kinda high.

She then realised she didn't have her wallet. ''Dang it.'' She cursed softly under her breath and looked through all 20 of her pants pockets, jacket pockets and backpack. Nowhere to be found. Where did she last have it? Right, she bought snacks with it. She put on her jacket with her phone in it and scurried over peoples legs towards the counter where danny was still selling candy to students.

She waited a bit for kids to buy their food and waved at danny. And he signalled that he had her wallet behind the counter into a door where he probably had supplies and his office. The door led indeed to a tiny office used as a storage slash place he could put his stuff and eat lunch, It had one locker with a hook that had his jacket, a small table with one chair and a microwave on one side and a huge water despenser on the otherside. In the corner resided the smallest kitchen ever with one small cabinet and a tiny sink. The rest of the room had candy and a popcorn machine, which looked broken and a whole lot of soda cans. Where would he have put her wallet? And while processing the thought her eye caught her purple wallet, one she had gotten when whe was 11. ''Awesome.'' She sighed and grabbed it when she noticed her laces where untied. Before heading out, she bend over and tied them with a double knot. It wouldn't have been the first time she fell over her own feet.

''There...'' and she went back through the door towards the counter. This time the corridor was completely empty. Strange..? Where had the huge row of kids gone ? And where was danny?
Scott Novak (played anonymously)

"Thanks," Scott said and climbed awkwardly over the row of theater seats rather than make everyone move again to let him out. He'd barely got settled into the seat next to the girl with silver hair before she starting looking for something or - Scott couldn't help but speculate - pretend to be looking for something.

She probably had been saving that seat for her boyfriend or something and was just too nice to tell him to bugger off. Now she was stuck trying to find a new seat. As he watched her scramble out of the row, he contemplated what to say, considering offering to move. But before he could decide, it was already too late and she was gone.

He sighed and settled down into his seat, letting his mind wander to the aquarium he was putting together while the screen rolled through some previews of upcoming movies and advertisements for the concession stand. And just as the 'please turn off your cell phones' message came up, his rang in his pocket, playing The Imperial March. He hurried to pull it from his pocket, with the intention of turning it off. But saw it was his dad calling. Better answer it - he didn't usually call unless it was at least semi-important. "Hello. Hey, hold on a minute...." he said, working his way out of the row while getting several dirty looks. "sorry. oops. sorry. excuse me..." he apologized as he bumped into several knees and nearly knocked over some girl's drink.

He stepped out into the hallway and walked down toward the exit doors to take the call. From here, he could hear the rumble of thunder outside. Hopefully it would pass by the time the movie was over. The call didn't turn out to be that anything all that important - just a question about where he'd left a tool he'd borrowed. He put the phone on silent and walked back the hallway, not even taking note that it was mostly abandoned - the movie was probably just getting ready to start. So he hurried his stride back into the theater, the castle of the opening scene playing on the big screen. ... in front of a sea of empty seats...

He stopped in the aisle. Had he come into the wrong theater? No, this was was right, wasn't it? Where had everyone gone?

Just for ambiance: :)
Alex Huxley (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

Not thinking too much of the empty corridor, she proceeded back to the theater. The boy who was seated next to her stood in the middle of the isle.
''Hey, the movie is about t-'' Before she could finish her sentence, she saw what he was staring at. The theater was empty. Why was it empty? ''Where did everyone go? Did someone announce something?'' She asked the boy.

The weather outside had gotten worse as you could hear thunder and rain pouring down even with the movie playing so loud. She couldn't stay there, they must've left for a reason. Maybe someone announced something about the storm? She grabbed her phone to check the weather report and call a cab or her parents to pick her up but for some reason it stopped working. No cellservice, nothing. With her phone in the air, she did this little salsa dance as if that would help her get service. ''Weird. I wanna check the weather report. Do you mind checking it for me? If people literally fled the theater there must've been an announcement right? One that should be also on the internet, me thinks.'' She rambled to the boy with the glasses.
Scott Novak (played anonymously)

Scott turned away from the screen to look at whoever was speaking. Oh, great... the girl that had been so anxious to get away from him.

"Ah... I dunno... I stepped out for a minute." Despite the fact that they seemed to have the place to themselves, he kept his voice lowered, as if to not disturb others. "I didn't hear one, but I guess there must have been." Her rationale seemed sound though and he quickly dug back out his phone as Dracula emerged from his coffin on the screen behind him. "This storm wasn't predicted to produce enough rotation for tornados," he stated matter-of-factly. He'd checked before going out, of course. Safety first.

"Hmmm... I don't have service now. Strange that they didn't pause the movie though."

He glanced up at the projection box, but from this angle, he couldn't tell if anyone was in there.

"Let's go check up front..."
Alex Huxley (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

"Right, Gerald should be up there." She said and dragged the boy with her. "We should-euhm- stay together. Not that I'm scared. I mean, pff it's just a little bit of thunder. haha?" She laughed in the most monotone voice ever, almost questioning it. She couldn't tell this stranger that thunder and lightening scared the pants off of her. She hated it when men assumed that she needed protecting and though she was scared, she would never admit that she needed someone close to her in those moments. Usually it be gigabite, her cat or her stuffed bear called Olive. (Get it, stuffed Olive?)
But right now they were in a stuffy theater and the noise was so loud, she couldn't help but flinch every time she heard it hit.

The projection room was empty. Strange, Gerald should be here operating it. " well that's just great. We came up here and noone is up here." Her voice broke when thunder hit while she spoke. She was convinced that since they were higher up in the building it could get them more easily. "I think we should leave before it gets worse.

And before she ended that sentence, it did get worse. Lightening struck and for a couple of seconds the light went out. Alex led out a high pitched shreek, jumped and nearly crawled in the other boys arms. She was still holding his hand and she might aswell have almost pulled his arm off. When the light went back on, so did the projector and it made a very strange sound. A spark flew off the tape. "Oh crap, I should turn it off before it catches fire."

When she touched the button to turn it off, something pulled on her. She felt it in her belly button and her feet seemed to detach from the floor. Her body got pulled by some kind of force, made her dizzy and she passed out.
Scott Novak (played anonymously)

She was holding his hand. She was holding his hand!

It was really hard to think about the movie, the storm, and the empty theater when he got hung up on that simple act, putting much too much mental energy into trying to figure out what it meant. "I ... ah.... al... alright..." he fumbled for words as she suggested leaving. Like... with him?!

It took her shrieking for him to finally realize she was just frightened of the storm. "Oh, it's just lightning. The odds of it striking you over the course of a lifetime are approximately fifteen thousand to..."

He hadn't finished the statement when she was reaching to turn off the projector, her other hand still clasped in his. And the same force pulled at him... spinning the room. Fog seemed to come from nowhere. And did he hear a wolf howl? Maybe this is what getting struck by lightning felt like...

Scott's eyes flicked open. He felt a little groggy and hazy. But nothing really hurt. He remained where he was for a moment, just getting his bearings. He was on a stone, dust-covered floor. The light was dim. The silver-haired girl from the theater was there beside him. He sat up slowly, wriggling his fingers and toes to make sure everything still worked. "Hey, you okay?"
Alex Huxley (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

Her whole body was confused for some reason but her brain joined when she opened her eyes and realised they had changed locations. Did he kidnap her? Did he use the storm as a dirty way to kidnap her? Oh god.. What was she going to do? "Am I okay? Why do you ask? Because you want to make sure no hair on my body is hurt so you can ask more money hmm...? HMMM?" Her voice got pitchy and vibrated with anxiety. She looked around and tried to see where she was. "Where did you take me? Nice decor. Going for hobo chique?" She pulled up her arms in some kind of weird karate pose. "Well, I hate to burts your kidnap bubble but I know KARATE. HIYAAAaaa." She squeeled.

She had never had one class however, he didn't know that and if he wasn't scared of her non-existing skills, maybe he'd be scared enough of her insane stance and attitude. "Cmon, I'm gonna flip you like an omelette du fromage." She didn't know what she was saying. All she could hope for was him being confused enough to give her a way out to escape. Before she could actually attack, music played in the background. It was suspensfull and build up and scary. "What?" She said and squinted her eyes in disbelief. "Is this your idea of romantic music? I don't understand what's happening. You must be a real sicko to think all of this is okay." And she pulled up her hands again, this time standing on one leg and lifting her other one. "HIyA..." If she knew one thing it was that crazy scared people more then actual violence so she could only try to look as crazy as she could.
Scott Novak (played anonymously)

"What?" Scott said, scrambling to his feet, keeping his eyes locked on the woman like she was indeed planning to strike him. "Kidnap bubble?!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, wait just a minute!" he said, using his index finger to push his glasses back up on his nose as he backed several steps away from the girl doing some kind of karate dance thingie. The notion was ... well, it was crazy! Why would he want to kidnap anyone?

"I didn't..." he started to protest further, but stopped as the music started to play. It sounded strangely familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

He stopped and his head cocked to the side slightly, listening and thinking. "That's the movie's music, isn't it? Dracula's? Are we in the theater's basement?" The mystery of their change in location was a puzzle to be solved and he never could resist puzzles.

"But I don't believe we have fallen since neither of us are injured. You're... you're not injured, are you?" It would be nice to say that he asked that question out of some genuine concern, but in that moment, he was just assembling puzzle pieces.

His eyes landed on something behind her moving along the floor. "Oh... that is a very large rat..."
Alex Huxley (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

She wasn't planning on letting him distract her with his innocent act. But then he said something about the music and it intrigued her. She softly pushed her head up, focussing her eyes nowhere really, to listen closely. "No" She said. "This theater doesn't have a basement. Though it does have a huge attic, this is not what it looks like. It's stocked up with movie film and papers, forms... You know. All that kind of stuff." She continued slowly as she kept listening to the music.

"I'm not injured." She came closer and inspected his arms and head, not touching him in the process. "I don't think you're either." Now that she inspected him more closely she felt pretty guilty that she accused him. He was clearly a softy in the best way and genuinly worried. He mentioned a rat, she shrugged. "Eh, a ra-a-ah-haat?" She Contued and shuffled behind him. "That doesn't look anything like the rats my cousin has." She whispered, her voice getting high again. She hid her head behind his shoulder, peeking out to look at it.

She realised she was once again being a scaredy cat after accusing him and hadn't apologized yet but was using him as a shield. "Oh euh, sorry for accusing you. I don't think you kidnapped me. I jumped to conclusions. Something I don't normally do." Her voice was still soft and she was talking not too far from his ear, still staying close.

Not wanting to look like a wuss, she grabbed her shoe, shuffled back until she was standing next to him and threw her shoe to the mutated rat thing. Thank god she was never going to get a carreer as a baseball pitcher because the shoe hit a wooden beam, about 5 feet from the rat. It scared it enough though, to flee into a huge whole in a brick wall. When it ran she did a small jump in the air and grabbed her shoe. "Ieep. Whoeew." She said and went back to scott to discuss what was going on. "So if we're not in the basement or the attic, where are we?" She said and looked around. There was a small round window. "Are we in a tower of some sorts?" She looked up, the ceiling was high, lots of beams and a huge clock.

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