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Other gifts:

Reports of only three gifts happened early in the discovery of gifted individuals. The three of beam, evolution and mutant may be the most prominent. All gifts are not so obvious or visible. Some are simply gifted with extraordinary speed or strength. The two do not always come together. Sometimes one is fast but of fairly normal strength. It’s also common for those with gifts of strength to not be very fast at all.

Although some nations try to deny it, there are also several known cases of psychic gifts. Some of these individuals can communicate telepathically with others like them. Only one reported case seemed to hint at an ability to read minds. Others have been purported to sense future events. This has never been seen as a clear ‘fortune teller’s’ glance into the future. It is often more like a strong feeling that something extremely positive or negative may happen at a particular place. There was the case of an old farmer who finally figured out how to take those general feelings and connect them to potential locations in a way where he could strongly infer what was going to happen. Usually such forecasts were much more vague.

Some argue that certain extremely intelligent people also have a gift. The people with these less visible gifts often deny their talents. This is why speed or strength are reported by others but rarely confirmed. Several world leaders and organizations came out denying the possibility of these so called ‘minor gifts’. Theorists speculate this is an attempt to skirt reporting to registry groups and deny their ability to list these people.

Such gifted children are often told to keep their talents hidden and out of the spotlight. There are rumors of hidden schools, medical centers and fraternal groups of such people.

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There's an underground plane of the planet, below even the under ground sewage systems and the like that is so hot, only those with fire related and heat-resistant gifts can live there. It is generally referral to as 'Infernim' and contains one of the most sought after materials in Thiiv, that is only available for mining during a summer solstice like event.

question for those interested in building off this:

1. What is the material?

2. What is the event?
Ooh, something I really want to start talking about is if we think vigilantism is a big thing because of gifts? I had set some up in my earlier addition, but maybe gifts are SO secretive that's it's hard to even fight crime under a mask, especially with registry systems and things like that.
Long ago when the Gifts where first given to this world many of the people saw the gifted as Gods.

It was a more primtive time even now days some of the more powerful Gifted can seem god like, Many can defeat those who would bring weapons such as guns agasint them, Some can even defeat tanks and bombers. (But most can yes be killed by a gun) So just think of how much more powerful the gifted must have seen in the age of simple weapons?

A giffted who's skin can only be damaged by anti tank rounds today would be effectly harmable by any mortal weapons in those days.

In our IRL human history nomral human kings where some times worshiped as gods, Even now 1% of the people control over 90% of the wealth and there are countless historys of small royal familys ruling whole nations. So I don't find it very hard to think that in many nations The Gifted could gain grate poltical power that many of them may still hold to this day.

Some nations would worshiped the Gifted

Others would have Faiths based around a speical gifted person maybe they worship any one who has that same gift.

Some would have built mighty nations.

I could even see in some nations a poltical system forming where the Gifted are found when they are born and are given poltical power at once. They where choosen by Fate or God to rule that is why they have power.

Nations where the most powerful Gifted is Found and then upon the death of the current ruler that person is made king.
2000 years ago on Thiiv .. .

500 milles East of what would now be known as The Nation of Egalia

There lay the Caste of "Rubinowy Król" c4380233224c7050f4cbe1fe43de4a16.jpg From witch King Krol Could control all access to the ruby mountains. And thus control of the realms Blood Stone, platinum and all of the loical region's fresh water. As well as the only safe trade passage to what would now be Egalia And thus the rules of Rubinowy became the Gate keeper Kingdom.


Krol tax'd the people of the land heavly and one day he build a dam on the river so he may control the flows of water it self. This lead to much of the land outside of his castle become dry and dead.

Many reblions rose up but all where crused by Krol for his castle was to mighty.

But then! One fatefull night 2000 years ago to this very night the last force of rebles gatherd to defeat Krol once and for all. They where all Doomed until the stars fell.

One such Star fell down and broke the gates of Rubinowy open alowing the army in. Victory was won that day and a new kingdom was born the kingdom of Gwiazda.

They take for there flag the symbol of the falling star 16295902242736725.png

These people would come to see the falling star as the will of haven it self, The stars are like angles and the Star born or 'gifted' as other call them are seen as being like angels. They exist to bering forth the will of heaven on earth.

And so They hate Egalia for it's misstreatment of the holy star born.
Nation Gwiazda


A nation that rules high mountain paths 500 miles east of Egalia. A small nation that controls the main land trade roots between east and west. + there mountains have a lot of natural resources. Such as rivers, lakes, Blood stone and platinum.

Short History: When the stars first fell one comment fell to earth and smashed though the gates of a castle while set castle was being attacked. The attackers took the castle and built a new nation for them selfs renaming there land Gwiazda. (the word means Stars or of or for stars)

Faith The people of Gwiazda have grate faith in the Stars, There main faith is "droga do przystani" Often called przystaniISM. Meaning "Way of Haven" (haven like the sky and stars) They think that fate and destiny are very real cosmic forces, They read star sighs, they see the fucture in the sky and They think the Gifted have a speical Fate layed out by a destiny written in the heavens.

In przystaniISM there is no good or evil only Dla(For) And Na(agasint) You either are willing to seek out your destiny and act on it willingly or you fight agasint it. They do not like those who are Na. Many of them even think your Fate is to do "evil" things it's not bad because its all part of the cosmic plan.

Gifted: They see the Gifted more as "Gifts From the heavens" People who are given just the right power to do just the right thing at just the right time. That is why they can't have kids, they are not meant to settle down and have family they are meant to do grate things. Be heros, Leaders, Fight, forfill there Destiny and die.

When a Gifted is found they are provded for by the nation, trained to fight but not as a solder but as a hero, they are also trained to think, Each one is treated like they are the hero of there own epic story. A lot of work goes in to finding out what there Fate is meant to be. Looking at there star sighs and trying to see the fucture.

Once a Gifted's Fate is found the nation dose all with in its power to inable them to do what they are meant to do.
Nation Jaṭṭu nālugu nakṣatrālu Often just called the nālugu.


The Flag has 4 stars because the nation was founded by 4 gifted who worked as a team to defeat a war lord in there home land. They failed.
(what the rest of the flag means is up to you)

BUT they where able to use there power to build a new home on a jungle island not far from there old home land. At first this base was just for them and there family but then a small nations worth a people from there home land came to live under there protection.

And while the heros where never powerful enough to banish the warlord, They where strong enough to keep him and his forces away from there island.

As the 4 got on in age they decided they would need to each choose a replacment and so the island is equaly ruled by a team of 4 gifted who are each choosen by the last 4 and taught how to rule and how to protect the island the choosen replacment takes there seat on the concle once the meber who choose them dies or is other wise unable to act.

The 4 rule as equals but even tho they rule not unlike kings laws of freedom have been carved on a black stone.

Who the 4 where and who the war lord was is up to you.
Nation Bùxiǔ biàn shēn lóng shén dǎo Of called the Islands of Lóng shén.


1000 years ago there was born a Gifted who had the Gift of Body Craft. They could mold flesh and bone to there will. Shifting the form of a creatures body by the touch of there hand.

They say that for many years they made them selfs a young healthy beautful woman, molding them selfs to suit the tastes of others. And gaining favor by molding away the wounds of others and making them more beautful as well. After 40 years this allowed them to marry the king and become a queen. But when the king died many years latter her agelessness made her be seen as a Witch who some think may have killed the king.

A reblion came for her and so she locked her self in the castle for a month. The army unable to destoy the castle are happy to wait for her to starve.

So during the month she slowly transfroms her self in to a huge horrid monster so she may be strong enough to beat back the army and esscape.

She leaves to an island there she would slowly try to make her form more and more powerful she would become a Dragon. And she would protect all those who where loyal to her who wished to join her on the island. And transfrom them in to powerful monsters as well.

Thoses who's bodies are broken, Outcasts with no where to go, People who wish to reject humanity and in the mordern day furrys often come to the island in the hopes of being transfromed.

She is happy to alter your body in any way you like if you prove loyal to her. But if you betray her then she can grant fates worse then death.
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Yay! There's an event on another site that also ends today and I've hardly ever managed to catch it in time, so I've been over there, but I'm leaving this post here to make sure I remember to come back and make some new theories and patches later!

I'm thinking of someone with a songstress gift... But not like a siren, just a really enchanting voice. Like farcasting? Maybe different radio frequencies? Who knows?! ☕ I'm gonna drink more coffee.
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Growing up Gifted

Growing up Gifted is the name of a reality television show revolving around the life of a Gifted child named Daw Suwannarat. Their Gift was discovered at age 9, when they grew so excited at the sight of their birthday cake that the candles lit up on their own, startling their older sister and making her drop the tray. Seeing this as a great opportunity to make money and better provide for their family, Daw's parents pitched the idea of the show to a large studio, which snapped it up. At the time, there was nothing else like it, though a handful of similar reality shows have popped up in the five years Growing up Gifted has been airing. (Almost all of such shows are staged, and don't feature any Specials despite being framed like a reality show. When Specials do make appearances, it is almost always just a brief cameo that as spun as a much greater involvement.)

The show ostensibly focuses on the day to day life of a Gifted child, though to keep things interesting, Daw is often put into unusual situations or confrontations. Their school life suffered instantly, with half their peers despising them and half revering them for their newfound fame. The studio helped the Suwannarat family find a Gifted mentor, a man named Brosniew Tubyarik, to help guide Daw's training. Daw is a Special of moderate ability, whose powers primarily focus on fire, heat, and light.

In the most recent season, another Gifted child moved to Daw's area to attend the same school. Though staged as a chance meeting, it was fabricated by the studio to boost ratings. It was expected for Daw and the other child (a girl named Lisa) to develop some kind of strong relationship with one another, be it a romance or a rivalry. Lisa also received tutelage from Brosniew, and therefore spent a lot of time with Daw. The two quickly forged a strong friendship, and many fans of the show "ship" them romantically. (Though not opposed to the idea, they are both disturbed by the fixation.)

Over the course of the show, Brosniew became disillusioned with his role. He had expected this to be a wonderful opportunity to teach people about Gifts and pass on his knowledge to another Special, but he soon realized the studio (and even Daw's parents) were more concerned with fabricating drama to make more money. Brosniew was opposed to Lisa's introduction to the show, but the studio convinced him that he would be allowed some creative freedom to work in his own talking points. However, after seeing how the studio executives prodded the pair to perform, he became more vocal in his opposition. He was quietly fired at the end of the most recent season. In the months since then, he has been largely absent from social media. There is much speculation as to why this might be, but the prevailing rumor is that Brosniew had ties to criminal organizations in the past, or perhaps covert political operations, and is being blackmailed into silence by the studio.

In the wake of Brosniew's firing, both Daw and Lisa vanished abruptly from public eye. Though the studio is attempting to spin this as a "special vacation retreat," there are rumors that Daw and Lisa are fleeing their fame by seeking out the assistance of GIPO. People are wondering how a pair of 14-year-old kids with excessively public lives have managed to give everyone the slip. One prevailing theory is that Lisa, whose Gift involves audio skills such as sound manipulation, had been quietly developing the ability to affect people's minds (a le Shinyrainbowlithogra's songstress idea) in the few precious moments of privacy she was given. Another theory, not mutually exclusive, is that Brosniew assisted them.

Other Notes:
  • Daw's older sister basks in the reflected glow of their Gifted sibling, and despite having received moderate fame by proximity, is still fiercely jealous and resentful.
  • With the next season in the lurch, the studio is panicking to fill time with fluff, such as spinoffs featuring other "characters" from the show.
  • In the moment Daw's Gift manifested, their eyes turned brilliant orange. Their eyesight is unaffected, but this sparked a widespread fashion trend.
  • Lisa's parents, though bound by an NDA, are frantically worried over her disappearance. They have refused to make any kind of public comment about the situation, while Daw's parents are working with the studio to spin the "vacation" angle.
MercyInReach wrote:
There's an underground plane of the planet, below even the under ground sewage systems and the like that is so hot, only those with fire related and heat-resistant gifts can live there. It is generally referral to as 'Infernim' and contains one of the most sought after materials in Thiiv, that is only available for mining during a summer solstice like event.

question for those interested in building off this:

1. What is the material?

2. What is the event?

First, the material. Not a lot is known about how it forms or why it has the properties that it does, but the material has superconductivity at around -90° C when under pressures of just above twice that of Thiiv's surface atmospheric pressure. The material is difficult to locate and obtain, usually requiring a well-trained eye and safety equipment to remove from the outcrops that are found in the Infernim. Other risks beyond the obvious include the presence of toxic gasses that are released when splitting off pieces of the outcroppings.

As for the event, numerous cosmological events have been found to line up with specific fault line shifts in the Infernim, forcing outcrops to the surface where they can be harvested. The event that most reliably allows for mining of the material is a seven day period after the date in which the shooting stars event had occurred which coincided with gifts being granted. The events are not guaranteed to coincide with the fault line shifts, but they seem to have the highest likelihood to do so as opposed to other events.

The material has found its use in proprietary and experimental equipment and computers, with many companies and governments willing to pay excess amounts of money for first pickings on the materials after they have been retrieved. Those gifted who perform the work to mine the materials are paid handsomely for their work and are under no obligation to meet a quota for the amount of material obtained. The job was not always so lenient, as the organization that originally spearheaded the operations treated the individuals rather poorly, only when governments and even the GIPO got involved did they back down and allow the governments to manage the operations.

Requirements to get on a team of miners requires extensive examinations of the individual's gift and its limits alongside multiple months of training and safety courses. This has the added benefit that seasoned miners have experience in training other gifted individuals and can carry those skills out in the world to help others. So far two individuals have retired from the operations but continue to train gifted individuals where they can.
One time a gift was to make a rift into a strange world. After it was made, it stayed. A building was made around it. (The portal leads to my AU, HyperSpace, or something simuler to it.)

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