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For now on, I will no longer accept friend requests from people I don't know. So if you want to be my friend, feel free to send me a PM and lets have a chat! I like making friends, especially if they are like minded individuals. ^_^


Personality: I'm a Defender on the Turbulent side of things (ISFJ-T). I'm also a Sentinel. Guess who else is a Defender? Superman and Captain America. ^_^

I'm autistic so please bear that in mind when you interact with me. I'm not asking to be treated with any special privilege's. All I ask is for a little patience when dealing with me. I'm a strong believer in second chances, forgiveness and reconciliation. So, please, if I make a mistake, I'd appreciate being given a second chance & a little forgiveness. If you don't extend to me these simple little things, guess who has the problem? All I ask is to be given the benefit of the doubt. Nothing more, nothing less.


Favorite Genres/Settings: My absolute favorite genre/setting is Modern Superheroes. I'm ALWAYS down for that ANYTIME. 🥰

I'll also play in just about any other genre/setting so long as my character has "something special" about them. I'm sorry, I DON'T play regular humans. If I do, I'll always end up giving them a power, magic ability or transforming them into some kind of supernatural being. I've tried many times playing ordinary humans and it never lasts very long. I "need" that little extra "something" to keep my interest.

Combat and Adventuring must also be weaved through the story/plot and I greatly prefer my Role-Playing partner is able to keep up with me and actively take part in this. If I am writing out all the action/combat and adventuring myself, I'll lose interest in the RP.

Fandoms & Games: If requested, I can play in a Fandom type of RP. My personal favorites are: DC, Marvel, Image Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Stranger Things, Voltron, Masters of the Universe, Ultraman, God of War, No Man's Sky, Marvel's Avengers, Spider-Man Games, Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (and Valhalla), Batman (The Arkham Games), Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, etc.

HARD NO: Here are all the things I'm not very interested in & don't appreciate:

-Pure Modern AKA Slice-of-Life. I don't mind small pieces of Slice-of-Life elements, but if my RP is going to be nothing but that, no thank you.

-Furry RPs (If you play a Furry, I don't mind. I'll still RP with you. But if both of us are playing Furries in a world dominated by them? No thanks).

-Zombie & Discord RPs. Sorry, not going to happen.

-Grammar Nazi's. Look, my grammar, spelling and punctuation is not perfect. Want to give me advice? Go for it, but please don't be a Grammar Nazi by being so hung up on the wrong use of one word.

-No More Group RPs. Other than the groups I am already a part of, I will no longer join more from here on out.

-Zero forgiveness over minor mistakes/slights. Especially when it comes to trivial matters that could have been solved with a little communication. Seriously, forgiving someone is not that hard people.

-Complaining My Bio's Are Too Long With Too Much Information. Look, there is no right or wrong way to do a character bio. We all have the right to make it as short or as long as we wish. So, please leave me to my character bio's and I'll leave you to yours. Thank you.

-Calling My Characters OP. I don't mind if you think my characters are a bit too powerful. But are they OP? No, they aren't. Superman can push planets out of their orbit, that's OP. None of my characters can come anywhere near doing that as they are much more grounded. Do I play powerful characters? Yes. But none of them are "OP".


I'm no longer going to read other people's character bio's unless I am directly Role-Playing with them. Most of my characters have also been made Anon and placed in draft mode in order to prevent misunderstandings from occurring.

If you respect me, I'll respect you & you're culture. I won't tolerate being judged when you don't know a thing about me or throwing false accusations my way either. There's no need for that. I also respect other people's work so I'm not in the habit of copying ideas/concepts from other people's bios and, believe it or not, coincidences can, and do, happen. If I do see something I like, I'll send you a PM and ask you if I can use my own take on it. If the answer is no, I'll respect that.

Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Role-Play With Me

Yes, I AM over 18 & am 21+. I also have well over ten years of Role-Playing experience.

My Writing Style is 3rd Person, Present Tense. However, if requested I will be more than happy to write in the past tense if you would prefer. Just ask and I'll make the adjustment.

Profanity Level at PG-13 in my Role-Plays. Just a personal preference. Please respect that.

Violence & Other Related Stuff: I don't mind some, but not when it goes to an extreme level. Basically, if the violence, and other stuff, matches the average superhero movie then I'm okay with it. I'm also okay with dark & gritty themes. I'll even be willing to push this to equal an R-Rated movie but no further than that.

Communication: So many problems can be solved with simple communication and talking things over in a calm, civil, way. If we aren't communicating, problems will always pop up and go unresolved. So, please don't stick you're head in the sand & blame for me for the drama when you chose not to talk to me. Lets communicate, please.

Collaboration: I will be more than happy to collaborate with you and help you carry the story/plot along by PMing you any ideas or suggestions I may come up with. But please be patient with me. I'm in multiple RPs at once and sometimes my creativity decides to take inconvenient breaks. I'll still try my best to come up with ideas, however, because I do LOVE to collaborate with others.

Playstyles Chart (Always/Never): Way back when I first started Role-Playing via Play-by-E-mail, I had no one to help me out as a rookie. The same story played itself out most places I went. This is precisely why I choose to help wherever I can. I LOVE giving people what I never had. Among many other things, building up a great story with others is part of the fun of Role-Playing. Part of that journey is building up character connections, naturally or pre-planned. And I am certainly not going to stop giving people a helping hand and being a nice guy because of some "rule" under someone's Playstyle Chart. With that said...

When I am directly Role-Playing with you, I will absolutely respect everything under you're "Never" category. But if I am Role-Playing with someone else and I "break" one of you're "Never" rules, don't let it make you feel "uncomfortable". I learned this lesson a LONG time ago not to let what others do with their characters, that have no connection to my own, bother me. Why? Because it "always" causes drama. This is why you shouldn't let these kinds of things bother you. If it does, you're the one with the problem. In that case, stay away from me because you're "Never" rules do not apply to me when I am not directly Role-Playing with you.

Fiction Vs. Reality: Just because my characters say or do certain things does not mean I share in them. Please keep fiction separate from reality.

No Godmoding or Metagaming: Please don't Godmode with me. A simple example of this is Person A is a regular human while Person B is on par with Spider-Man. But somehow, Person A manages to dodge, or easily withstand, all of Person B's attacks regardless of how strong they are when, realistically, there is no way in the world Person A would last 5 seconds in a fight with Person B. That is clearly Godmoding.

Please don't metagame either or give information to your character about mine they shouldn't, realistically, possess. If you want you're character to know anything about my character, please do it through realistic means and through the course of Role-Play. Glancing at them and just 'knowing' anything about my character without it being revealed to them is Metagaming.

Battling My Character: On the off chance our characters so happen to fight each other, please don't automatically succeed with your attacks. Always go for key words, such as "Attempts" or "Tries". I would also appreciate you don't dodge every single move my character makes against you're own. No one is invincible. Please don't add new powers/skills to you're bio during the fight that were never there before, either. I also will not tolerate lower powered characters being able to beat mine in a straight up fight and miraculously dodging and taking hits that should otherwise knock them out. If my character is stronger and/or more powerful than yours, I expect them to be treated as such. If you do not, I'll end the Role-Play.

Controlling and/or Killing My Characters: Please do not do this without my explicit permission.


Ghost Friendly: If, for any reason, you're unable to continue the Role-Play (or vanish during the planning stages) then please tell me. It will be unfortunate, but I won't be offended. Just don't vanish on me without saying anything, please. I will also inform you if I cannot continue for any reason. If, for any reason, you cannot inform me you're about to vanish for a period of time because circumstances won't allow it, then that's fine. I'll be here when you get back and I'll still be willing to RP with you if you're up for it. Ghosting on me may be rude but it is not a deal breaker.

Flexible & Adaptable: I try my best to please my writing partner because what makes them happy, makes me happy. For example: If you prefer art for avatars and character profiles over RL images, then I will be more than happy to adjust. When in doubt, please ask me if I am willing to do this or that.

Editing & Changing in My Posts: I'm also perfectly fine with editing & performing changes in my posts. For example: If you happen to spot something that needs to change for ANY reason, please send me a PM and politely inform me of the needed change and I will be more than happy to accommodate you. IN PM Role-Plays, I'll just edit my post and re-post it with the needed/requested changes. Not a problem at all.

Post Length: I usually write 3+ Paragraphs per post, but I will also try and match what my partner gives me. But please, no novel sized posts. I'm here to have fun Role-Playing not read fan fiction that might as well be turned into a book.

Post Frequency: An old friend of mine said, "Its not the quantity of posts that matter, its the quality." In other words, I'm patient to wait for you're post. I realize people have lives to live outside of Role-Playing and sometimes they are very busy people. However, I hope you don't mind the occasional PM from me if things happen to be taking too long.

My own response times will be once a day, if I can. Maybe once every other day, depending on how many RPs I'm in. I have a life to live outside of Role-Playing the same as everyone else. So, please be patient with me if I'm not posting as often as you'd prefer. Barring a few exceptions, I don't usually respond to RP's on Fridays and Saturdays. Please be mindful of that. Everyone has their schedule and so do I.

Romance: The story/plot, and literally everything else, will take up about 80% of the Role-Play with Romance taking up about 20% of it. While I do appreciate romance, I don't enjoy giving it a strong focus. As for romantic pairings, I only do MxF or FxM. I will also NEVER do any romance with Divine Beings, Angels, Fallen, Demons, Ghosts, Clones, Genetic Experiments, Witches, Zombies, Androids, Robots, Furries & Human/Animal Hybrids.

It also must be noted that none of my characters will be tied to just one character while in a romance. Alternate universes exist for a reason. So, while one of my characters is tied down with a romance in one universe, they are still open to be romanced in another.

Smut: Fade-to-Black ONLY. If we Role-Play together and you prefer the details, then I'll either write my character out of the scene if we end up going in that direction or I'll keep the relationship between our characters strictly on a friendly level.

Now for the DOs and DON'Ts

Do Fight Scenes: I love some action in an RP. I don't want just talking scenes, I want some action! So, please make an effort to keep up with my character because I don't want the combat/action to be summarized, I want to play it out.

Don't do one liners: I hate one sentence, or shorter, posts. Please don't do that. I'll stop Role-Playing with you if you do. The ONLY exception to this rule is Trixie's Bar. I'm fine with one liners there, but in a real RP with me, please no one liners.

Do Character Development: LOVE this! It doesn't need to happen in every RP as I prefer it happening naturally and in an organic way. But when it happens, its beautiful. So, please don't force it.

Don't Shut Me Out: This, right here, is why I stopped Role-Playing on the site that I came from because people kept shutting me out without telling me the problem they had with me and wouldn't give me a chance to talk it over with them, explain myself and apologize. So, if a problem arises between us, PLEASE tell me about it. Keeping it to yourself does not do anyone any favors. Let's talk things over like reasonable, very civil, adults so we can explain to each other our side of the problem and then try and work things out along with apologizing. EVERYONE deserves the benefit of the doubt & a second chance, so please give me one and I will return that courtesy. I cannot emphasize this enough: Exercising a little forgiveness over minor slights (especially unintentional ones) is much better than holding onto a pointless grudge.

Do give me advice. I'm NOT asking you to be a Grammar Nazi because everyone makes mistakes. So grammar is not what I am asking you're advice on. So, if I make a writing mistake, I want to know about it so I can improve as a writer. Keeping my mistakes to yourself will all but ensure I will end up making the same mistake with someone else. An example of this is doing a Flashback scene with my character just to add fluff to my post. If you're the kind of person who hates that, PLEASE tell me so I can edit it out of my post and stop making that mistake.

Don't Transform my Characters without my permission first. What if I don't want my character to be transformed into a Vampire, a Werewolf or into the opposite sex? This is why I would love it if you consulted with me first if you want to transform my character into any other form. Thank you.

One Extra Don't: Please do not ask for my suggestions on what type of character I'd like to see you create for me only to take all those suggestions and throw them out the window before creating a character that was not even remotely close to any of the suggestions I gave you. If I give you my suggestions, that is what I want to see. If you're going to ignore my suggestions, then you never should have asked in the first place.

I just want to have fun Role-Playing...

Aside from the forum rules, I always live by my own rule that is simply this: Have fun Role-Playing. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I hate and despise drama so I try and avoid it whenever possible. If I cause any harm to anyone else, its completely UNintentional and I will always seek to make amends with others to try and work things out. We're all here for the same thing, after all. Having fun Role-Playing with each other. All I ask is I be given the benefit of the doubt so that any potential problem can be resolved peacefully, in PM's, and hopefully a solution can be found so both parties are happy. But if you cannot find it within you're heart to do this simple little thing, the problem lies with you and not me so you might as well put me in you're block list if you're going to be like that. I don't need anyone judging me for things I didn't do.


Being Human

When someone makes a simple request, such as communication, along with being given the benefit of the doubt the first time around (or being forgiven), and the other side refuses to give it; don't be surprised that the one asking for two simple things gets upset they aren't being given one chance. There is a VAST difference between that and being a narcissist/martyr. Learn it.

Asking for one simple thing and being upset that chance has not been given is called being human. For example: The innocent man being blamed for an act he didn't commit has every right to be upset over that (especially when he was just wanting to be nice and help someone). Sad that we now live in a society where people aren't allowed to be upset over anything, otherwise they are automatically the villain.

Rave Reviews

Ultra has been a driving force behind a successful and positive group, an amazing Role-player, Considerate person and full to burst with creative ideas that have helped to drive the plot forwards in the best of ways. I look forwards to exploring the depths of this world we build together.

Alice Helpful Great sense of humor - Anonymous
RPing with Knight has been fun! I do enjoy RPing with someone I can communicate well with OOCly, and in smalltalk we can speak freely. He also brings action and drive to stories! If you'd like an RP with heading, try hitting up any of his characters, you won't regret it--all in all, a wonderful person to befriend. 🔥 Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - hexblading

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