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PFP: Jim Root, #4 | INTP-T | Slytherin | Guitar | Saxophone | Baritone | etc.
Changes every week, mates, so make sure to check back.

🐚My time-zone is EST because eastern America I guess🐚

Monday: Busy/Available afternoon-night
Tuesday: Busy/Available afternoon-night
Wednesday: Busy/Available afternoon-night
Thursday: Busy/Available afternoon-night
Friday: Busy/Available afternoon-night
Saturday: Available
Sunday: Busy

RP Status:I'm working on revamping my character profiles, but I think I might be opening up to more RPs on this site, so hmu if you want to. Just beware that working with me right now is quite the rollercoaster, but I'll try to let you know when things will be weird.
Current Hyperfixation: Wakanda Forever's Namor and Subnautica
!!Warning: Master procrastinator!!
Hey, dogs, I'm AliRevellian 👉 You can call me Ali, Revellian, Rev, or any of the many nicknames on my pronouns page. I'm a musician by day and a cooler musician by night. Wanna get to know me more? That's cool, just PM me, mate, I don't mind. And so you know, I don't accept random friend requests. I would like to get to know you first.
I ain't that complicated, sunshine, just don't be a fly in my soup, and we can be all buddy-buddy, yeah?
I should probably talk about what I RP. Well, I greatly prefer to RP on Discord than I do here, but I make my exceptions. I write in third person limited, but I don't mind if you do otherwise. I greatly enjoy horror, sci-fi, and fantasy above all. I have branched out to a wide variety of fantasy, but as for subgenres otherwise - dystopian sci-fi and psychological horror. What can I say? I like onion layers in my stories.
I am an AJR and Slipknot fanatic. I fall asleep to heavy metal if that gives you any insight on the kind of person I am. AKA the definition of chaotic neutral. You like me yet?
My characters all have their own stories to them. Any RP I do on here is an AU of the actual story itself. It is not part of the original character for me. That being said, my characters may be in multiple relationships. This does not mean they care about your character any less. This also doesn't mean they are polyamorous. It is simply because of the AU perspective of all of them. Any romantic relationships are not in the same universe as others.

Yes ✔

Angst. Need I further explain myself?
Gore. I do love some of that.
Fight scenes. Whether it be physical or verbal, I love fighting.
Character development. Because shouldn't this always happen?
Paragraphs. Adds more detail. I love me some detail.
These fandoms: Marvel, Star Wars (especially the Clone Wars), Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park/World, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, anything Tim Burton, and League of Legends. If I have to be completely honest, more often than not I will turn down a fandom RP because I don't like them all that much. But if you really want one, these are ones you can approach me with for a possibility of a yes. However, don't expect a yes.
RP ending. I am not a fan of RPs that drag on and on after the issue has been resolved. I much prefer to write them like a story and end when the antagonist is defeated/the two start dating each other/when the ancient something or other is retrieved or destroyed/etc./etc. Though if we love our characters a lot, I am perfectly willing to do one-off scenes here and there with them so they don't just have to remain a memory.
Sharing ideas. If you have an idea that you want to do, let me know. I like to hear what your plans our for the future of our RP and we need to communicate for these things to happen. I can't read your mind nor can I just know what you want to happen. The last thing I want to do is ruin your plan with my reply, so please tell me.
No ✖

God-modding. I'm fine with overpowered characters, but they have to have a flaw or weakness. Don't come at me with a character with no weakness at all and can't possibly be killed.
One-liners. Boooooorrrrrrrrring.
Overly victimized characters. Please don't make your character the victim of everything. It's annoying in real life and unreal life.
Unstoppable suicide. You can have a character have the want to do this, but please please don't keep making them try over and over and not listen to anyone else trying to help them. I get that it is a real life situation, but it's extremely annoying to RP and makes me want to quit replying.
Self deprecation. By this I mean too much character self deprecation (and also your own self deprecation). I get some people don't like themselves and stuff like that, but when it's all you talk about IC or OOC, it does get really annoying. And sometimes (only sometimes) it sounds like the victimizing thing. I don't like it. Please don't do this. And if you feel this way, you need to talk to a professional about it. Some random dude you don't even know on a roleplaying forum can't help you.
Romance RPs that are JUST romance. Come on, guys. This isn't fun at all! Romances have their bumps and bruises. It can't just be romance all the time. Sometimes I'll try to get my character to do something so bad just to break the non-stop romance. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS WITH AN 'It's okay, I still love you' and leave it at that. It's annoying, it's boring, and I most likely won't want to RP anymore.
Pester/force replies. I do not care who you are. I also don't care how much you love our RP. If I'm not replying to you I HAVE A REASON. And, by god, if you force me to reply, that only makes me feel worse. And ALSO if my profile says I'm not active then I'M NOT ACTIVE!! I take breaks too. RPing shouldn't feel like a job to me, so please don't make it seem like it is.
Control my characters. This should really go without saying and I really hate that I have to add this on here. But if you do this, one: it makes me extremely mad and uncomfortable, and two: you will not get a reply back from me. I'll give you a warning once - even if I feel like a warning for such an obvious rule shouldn't be necessary - but if you do it again, I won't reply. Not. At. All. The same rule applies for if it is a world/story I created. If you have ideas, ASK FIRST!! But don't try and change things up on your own. If I say it's indestructible, IT IS. If I say this side character dies, THEY DIE. Please, I am open to suggestions but don't just change things without permission.
"Are you sure what you're doing is worth it?"

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Where else can you find me?
-Discord: Revellian#5910
-Spotify: Revellian
-Twitch: Ali_Revellian

Detailed sexual things (fade to black and innuendo is fine) and most kinks, food/eating, anatomy details, stalking, pedophilia, mentions of sickness (the throwing up kind)

Starter Example
A left down the Marooka tree-lined road. Straight until you come up to the plaza where people would hold banquets and parties. Turn right and into its alleyway - either one worked just as well. Go straight down the road the alleyways turn into, then go straight until you see a wooden street sign, the name faded away so the road’s title couldn’t even be read. Think you’re lost? Keep going. The road turning to dirt and the trees beginning to tower over head is a sign that you are where you’re supposed to be.

You’ll find yourself approaching a clearing in the trees, and a large circular area of dirt with a river to the east, visible through the trees. You will no longer be able to see any of the city besides the Deisarian Tower and its blinking lights just peeking over the treetops. Other than that, you are isolated. Overgrown near the end of the circular clearing is the old asylum. It looks abandoned, but that’s just the trick. FOSAN doesn’t want you to know that it’s still in action.

Enter through the front door. There are guards everywhere, even the windows and more secrete entrances. Stealth doesn’t matter once you are here.

These instructions played over and over in Emerson Taylor’s mind, the tone of Kalyn’s voice as vivid as the words themselves. He found himself working for the ‘bad guys’ again. It seemed to happen all the time, after all. They paid him well so he would do it, but he sure wasn’t fond of being seen as a villain in the eyes of FOSAN. Not that that would change. No matter what he was the bad one to them.

Speeding down the road on a motorbike he had built himself, he had no issue weaving through the building alleyways to get where he needed to go. People could chase him, but they wouldn’t catch him. The bike was supposed to be faster than any bike should be. Truthfully, Emerson believed that if the worst were to happen, he would live through it, because death never really was the worst path.

This asylum hadn’t been touched much by anyone. In fact, Emerson didn’t really want much to do with it, but he went through with it because, needless to say, the payment he would get from it. This was an undercover FOSAN base, which had been rumoured to be abandoned years ago. Darklord and his goons said otherwise and claimed this was not the case.

It wasn’t hard to get to the asylum, but Emerson slowed down significantly upon reaching the backroad. While this was not a stealth mission, the last thing he wanted was whoever was inside the asylum to be notified of the attack before it came. It was supposed to be a surprise attack. Nothing more, nothing less.

Dismounting his bike, which he had pulled into the trees, out of sight, he glanced around before looking over to see the others arrive shortly after him. The asylum could be seen through the trees, but it wouldn’t be overly easy for anyone in the warehouse to see them in the thickets. This was the same team which normally stuck together, dragging Emerson along with them because they would always claim he was the ‘missing piece to their squad puzzle.’ Even though, of course, Emerson took no sides. He only did this because he was paid well too. Kalyn, Lance, Yvonne, and Noctan… just like always. Noctan being the leader, Kalyn second-in-command, taking Emerson as her second-in-command - so, in other words, Emerson had been titled third-in-command. After Emerson came Lance, who wasn’t very happy that he was now fourth, but he long gave up arguing over it. Yvonne was after - not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she was good power for the team as well as intimidation. Without her, they would be rather lost, hence why she would never be disregarded.

“So,” Noctan crossed his arms, towering over the other four as he strode to the edge of the tree line, looking at the asylum. He was a being of mostly mechanical parts and armour - the only trace of his former being his eyes, hidden in the shade of his cowl. “The difficulty of this mission can’t be determined. It depends how we all take it and- of course- who’s in there.”

“I can’t assume it’d be anyone of huge importance,” Lance said, almost having been forgotten as he was rather quiet nowadays and hid within the shadows as he always could - especially as a shapeshifter. He was in his regular form now though, simply draped in dark clothing, the brightest part of him being his light grey skin.

Noctan shrugged. “You never know. But this is nowhere near FOSAN HQ. You’re most likely right. But be prepared.”

Kalyn stood by Emerson, as she normally did. The two were rather close despite the fact Kalyn was aware that Emerson didn’t do these jobs with them just because he wanted to. It hurt her a bit to think that he didn’t necessarily want to be here, but at the same time, he still had the free will to decline a job, and so far, he had done every mission with the team offered towards him. Kalyn liked to think that maybe he was more inclined to this than he would say.

They had made a plan before they left, and while Noctan was usually the one to break down doors, they all wanted to take a different approach just to confuse FOSAN. Or do something they weren’t expecting. It always went as the following - Noctan, Kalyn, and Yvonne in the front lines while Emerson and Lance would stay behind a bit as a backbone and the group’s best cunning, tricksters who were always more likely to get past defenses than the others. But this wasn’t stealth. So they were all attacking to get to the asylum HQ, shut down their system completely, cut them off from FOSAN HQ, and eliminate everyone inside.

The asylum door, only moment later, was crashed in and the asylum itself, and the hallways were covered with a fog, created by one of Kalyn’s ‘bombs.’ The guards were indeed there, right at the door, but instantly blinded by the fog and choked while their eyes burned from the intoxication within it - all the while the group of five wore gas masks to avoid the fumes.

Reply example
Estevan sure wouldn't get rid of her. Leaving Voca Sanguis wasn't something a person could so simply do. In fact, it was a long time rule that once you're in you may never leave. A lot of people had tried and they had been killed. That was because Voca Sanguis was strict about nobody outside of Voca Sanguis knowing its location and the people a part of it. Estevan was in the grey area on this rule, and more loose on it - if he could be given a good reason from a person why they should leave, he would let them go. If not, he'd have no choice but to kill them.

But, no, he wouldn't get rid of Ella. Even if that rule didn't exist. He heard what she said though and didn't give a response until they got to medical. He looked at her as they stood outside the door, crossing his arms. "Look," he said with a stern look and tone of voice - very Estevan-esque. "I can't have you dying on us, alright? Seriously, you need to ****ing get help because there's going to be a point where I can't do anything about this anymore. I'm not expecting some magical occurrence so you just happen to no longer be suicidal when you wake up, but you have to be open to the people trying to help you here. You aren't going to get into a hitmen base and be expected to be cared about, because that's not what it's about, but when you're within these walls, it's expected that protection is provided for everyone. Do you understand?" He didn't even wait for her response to that before pushing open the medical door and snapping towards the medics, gesturing sharply to Ella.

Chandler was walking back from tech with a cardboard box in his arm with bolts, wires, and such that were either broken and not usable, or they simply had no use for them. He jumped a bit at the sudden appearance of Tory, dropping a few metal plates and screws from the box. He quickly set the box on the ground as Tory spoke, grabbing the bits that had fallen. It seemed that his hands were shaky, as he dropped them again once he picked them up a couple times. He didn't let this faze him and he just picked them up once more to return them to their rightful place. Getting to his feet, lifting the box again, his eyes drifted to Tory's finally, meeting them directly.

"I don't think you truly understand that I am no help to Ella," he spoke monotonously, not letting even a sliver of emotion show through his voice or fiery eyes. "I'm not saying I don't care about her - I do - but it's out of my control. If anyone has a handle on it, it's The Vice. I doubt she will listen to me."

Now, Chandler wasn't so aware about how bad his turning away affected Ella. After all, he was deeply pained too because of the breakup and still couldn't fully get over it. The appeal of going back to her, hugging her and telling her that everything would be okay was often stronger than his mind, but he always found a way to refuse this want.

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Rave Reviews

Gods, don't get me started on this dude ! I?can't remember if I gave them kudos already, but who cares ? Another one is well deserved. 'Kay, list:
-totally understanding of stuff going on irl !
-literally just the sweetest person ever ? Um- enough said.
-all their characters are just great man. I read those character bios for fun, I'm talking they're while freaking novellas-
-is just lit bro. Enough said v2
(Bro I bet you know who I am even if I do this anonymously- mm you're lit broski.) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anonymous
Ali is a wonderful roleplayer and writer, for I have not been roleplaying with him for long, about a week now that we have, Alis' characters just touch your heart as well as his writing. Please, if you have the time of day, roleplay with him, he's wonderful to roleplay with and talk to! Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Berrystar

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