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Enfield Fleischer (played by Degu)
MY BOY. MY MAN. A doodle envisioning what Evren's universe-hopping child would be doing as an adult has just sprung to life, fully realized and utterly entertaining to read. Enfield is a Tigger, he is a charmer, he's a dashing rogue and a big softy all rolled into one. And when Degu hits that point in their writing when I want to step across the fourth wall to giggle at this man, shake his shoulders or just hug him, you know they're doing something right. Go check him out, he's a blast! - Rigby
Degu is a ridiculously motivated human, and I've been lucky and grateful to witness and grow with them with every passing year in which we're creating together. Whether they're writing, designing and assembling role-playing spaces, or whipping up art pieces, they're always working to improve and entertain in everything they do. And it's GOOD, JUICY STUFF, always - every character is lovingly assembled, every scene is meaty, tasty, fulfilling stuff, and every piece is a feast for the eyeballs! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Rigby

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