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|| Kim || 32 || Full Time Veterinary Technician || EST ||

My One True RP Bae 💘

All of my listed characters are available to be considered for plots. I work full time, so please understand I can't always get a post back quickly. If you see a character that interests you, feel free to drop me a message!

I don't accept random friend requests. Apologies in advance!

I am not officially open for template commissions, so you wont find any official sheet. That being said, if you ask, I'll certainly see what I can do to fit you in and discuss putting one together. Feel free to message me if you would like one or even if you have any questions about getting something to work!

Rave Reviews

Testing (played by Dug)
Kim's templates are absolutely the best! I really don't even need to say much more because they speak for themselves. If you ever find yourself in need of one? She's your go-to gal! - emily
Ray (played by Dug)
Ray is one of those characters that you can't help but just feel bad for. While the proverbial sci-fi Eeyore would probably seem like someone hard to RP with, it's absolutely the opposite! He's so tangled up in his own feelings and trying his best not to show them that he ends up being both tragic and mysterious instead. He has one of those faces that is just too adorable not to fall in love with, and has so much depth that it's impossible to know all about him in one RP alone. Creative ideas Long-term partner - emily

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