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Hi! I'm Heimdall, a burly, dragon-y type of person. I'm a professional artisan with a focus on leatherwork, but I also do illustration (digital and traditional), writing, 3D printing, copper electroplating, and bone/horn/antler carving. My studio name is A Thousand Rasps, from the Icelandic saying Þúsundþjalasmiður, meaning "smith of a thousand rasps" or "jack of all trades."

I'm interested in well-thought-out low fantasy settings, all kinds of art, Norse mythology, weight training, and world building. I have a BS in computer science and still enjoy coding. I'm nonbinary and prefer gender neutral pronouns, but I'm not picky. Also, I'm married to a cool guy.

Like everyone and their mother, I'm writing a novel series. Mine is fantasy and called the Heartseeker Trilogy. All three books are drafted, but I'm currently focused on finishing the first one, Swordsworn. (And I'm probably slacking. If you're reading this, you have permission to yell at me. ;))

I love to talk about music and am eager to share recommendations. I like folk metal (especially unique stuff--I've grown very picky about the usual "Viking heathen" stuff since there's so much out there), black metal, stoner metal, NWOTHM, dungeon synth, new retro wave, medieval folk and neofolk, and all manners of throat singing.
Some bands I like
Wolfmare, Rotting Christ, Primordial, Goblin Hovel, Nine Treasures, Tengger Cavalry, Trollfest, The Sword, Candlemass, Purple Hill Witch, Finntroll, Immortal, Bathory, Arany Zoltán, Corvus Corax, Merlin, Lord Lovidicus, Moth Tower, Fief, Borg

I mostly RP realistic low fantasy but I'll venture into high fantasy and Renaissance settings as well. I would love to get back into Star Trek-ish scifi. I generally dislike "slice of life" and modern settings. If you like my characters or just want to chat, drop me a line! I'm also a site moderator, and I'm more than happy to help with any RPR-related questions and concerns.

Some of my characters are set to anonymous!

Rave Reviews

Gullintanni (played by Heimdall)
Heimdall is the only dragon that can stomp a person to smithereens, and yet want to dress up like a princess for a festival. Heimdall is a true and absolute pleasure to RP with, and my characters have never been disappointed when they meet it. It is such a unique and wonderful character design. And I must say that I am rooting for HeimdallxEdward. It's too cute! - CelestinaGrey
I haven't been able to roleplay with Heimdall for a long time and that makes me sad, but we've known one another since the good ol' days of their running the setting Northkeep on Furcadia. They were an excellent world builder and writer all the way back then and have remained a friend and creative individual all these years since, inspiring with their productivity and becoming a sagely figure full of most excellent knowledge and experience. Get that book, Heimdoo! - Tar

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    I am so grateful I've gotten to know Heimdall. It is always fun to write with them and if I get my way we'll have more stories together very soon. Their characters are fascinating, vibrant and emotionally resonant. Beyond writing they are encouraging, helpful, skilled in so many different forms of art it's a bit ridiculous. I simply can't say enough about this person so I shall sum it all up by saying 'Thank you for being my friend!' Kind and understanding Creative ideas
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    Heim has always felt like the older sibling that I can and have looked-up to. They're really creative and you can rely on them. I have known Heim for years and participated in the communities they've made, their art is stunning, their leatherwork is something to dream of -- I am in awe of Heim on a regular basis. Thank you dragunn. <3 Hurrr (That's dragon for 'i adore you') Helpful Great sense of humor
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