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a little about me

I work full time and am also the mom of a darling toddler. That being said, most of my RP replies will be after 7 PM central time when the kiddo goes to bed. I can be quite chatty and will most likely chat frequently OOC if you let me. I'm always open to new friends and welcome all bad jokes, puns, witty banter, and deep conversations.

a little about my writing

I'm currently most interested in MxF pairings. All of my RPs include romance, I've found it's my best genre and I tend to get bored otherwise. I'm the type of RP partner who gets really excited and involved. I will do things like make our characters a playlist and send you things that remind me of them.

My writing style is always third-person and usually between 1-4 paragraphs. I love anything dark, sad, dramatic or dysfunctional. Ruining my characters' lives is always a great time for me. I do also enjoy happiness on occasion and for that I have some less damaged characters =P

All of my RPs will typically include adult themes unless it makes my partner uncomfortable. For that reason, I will only RP with anyone 20+. I will not RP with anonymous characters unless you share your personal profile as well. Below are some things that I like my RPs to include as well as some no-nos.

Yes Please!

MxF Romance
1x1 RPs
Dom/Sub relationships
Story-Driven Smut
Modern Settings
Historical Settings
Dystopian Settings
Apocalyptic Settings

Not My Bag

Underage characters

Current Jam
Without Fear - Dermot Kennedy
**my musician husband. He just doesn't know's fine.**

"And I really think you're heaven sent
<3 'cause you've been forcing all these hollow hearts <3
to feel again"

Rave Reviews

LadyLaz is just that, a lady. She has a strong moral fiber and is an ethical and outstanding writer. If you are looking for someone to create a story with on a whim and come out with a strong story line due to a creative writing partner, LadyLaz is that creative writing partner! Kudos! =) - danmanmun
I have known LadyLaz for quite some time. We started a great rp together and before I knew it, I had a great friend. We have helped each other through some rough times and I owe a lot to her. If you get a chance, rp with LadyLaz because she is more than an awesome roleplayer, she is a great person. - DukeKagan

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