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I'm Lib, I like using fantasy monsters to explore human conundrums! Every character listed has a backstory. If it isn't written out on their profile, there is a good chance I'm lying in wait for an excuse to reveal it. Background exposition and meaningful interactions are my addiction.
"For the delectation of his mind and the delight of his eyes, he had decided to seek out evocative works which would transport him to some unfamiliar world, point the way to new possibilities, and shake up his nervous system by means of erudite fantasies, complicated nightmares, suave and sinister visions."
-JK Huysmans, Against Nature

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Rave Reviews

I have, for years, been a silent fan-girl of Libertine's, and I say that with sincerity. Lib has an amazing way of crafting characters that are unique and full of depth in a way that makes you question whether they are real people. She breathes life into them with words and art, and it is a delight to watch them grow and flourish like living beings. Do not pass up on a chance to write with Lib! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Keke
Libertine has my complete admiration and adoration. Their characters are incredibly well thought out and amazingly written out that you get a sense of them and what they're like just by reading through those beautifully built character profiles. Also their games are really well written that I have fun reading and following along, even when I'm not a part of it. Don't even get me started on how lovely they are to talk to, how generous they are, how supportive and encouraging they are to everyone! - MissPixie

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